Bog Control Projects

Clearwater / Grass Lakes Bog Control Project and Lake Augusta Bog Control Project

In response to high water levels in the mid-1980s that caused severe floating bog problems in these lakes (which lead to several emergency bog removal activities), these two bog control projects were set up with the cooperation of the lake property owners involved. These projects included acquisition and improvement of access areas for bog removal, and the funding (via assessment) and process for removal of floating bogs deemed harmful. Estimated cost for the two projects was $17,000, and they were initiated in the summer of 1985.

Other Bog Control Measures

In 2011, the Clearwater River Watershed District experienced high water that rivaled the water levels in the mid-1980s. The CRWD works in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as well as other local authorities in removal of problematic bogs to protect the three lakes from flooding caused by bogs blocking the flow of the Clearwater River.

The CRWD reminds all citizens that the CRWD will not remove bogs from private property. The District will only become involved with removing bogs when they threaten to block the flow of the Clearwater River. To move bogs from your property, whether they drift onto your property or not, will require a permit from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Failure to do so runs the risk of penalties. Contact your lake association to see what they are doing about nuisance bogs.