CASH Project #06-1 Fish Barriers

It has been well documented that rough fish (carp, bullheads, etc.) have a detrimental effect on water quality in a watershed. As part of the Cedar, Albion, Swartout, Henshaw Project #06-1, five fish barriers were installed in locations strategic to the control of movement and reproduction of rough fish. The first fish barrier is located just downstream of Henshaw Lake. The second is located at the inlet to Swartout Lake. The third is at the outlet of Swartout Lake. The fourth is at the outlet of the wetlands between Swartout Lake and State Highway 55. The last fish barrier is located at the inlet to Segner Pond, at the southern end of Cedar Lake.

All five barriers work together to mitigate the yearly spawning of rough fish, trapping the fish in the shallow wetlands where a winter kill is more likely to occur. They also keep the carp in the upper lakes (especially Swartout and Henshaw) from escaping to other water bodies, thereby increasing the effectiveness of rough fish removal on those lakes. See the pictures to the right to get an idea of what these fish barriers look like.
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