CASH Project #06-1 Rough Fish Removal

In conjunction with the fish barriers, rough fish removal is conducted on the lakes upstream of Cedar (Henshaw and Swartout) to control the rough fish population (i.e. carp and bullheads). Rough fish degrade the water quality in two ways: one, they stir up bottom sediments into the water column, releasing the phosphorous normally trapped in the sediment and adversely effecting native vegetation needed for a healthy water body. Second, they have an adverse effect the food chain due to their high consumption of baseline food needed by other plants and animals. By controlling the rough fish population, these problems are significantly reduced, resulting in greater water quality.

In 2011, minor modifications were made in the inlet channel to Segner Pond below the Segner Pond Fish Barrier to allow for the trapping and removal of rough fish in the channel.
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