Guiding Documents

CRWD Watershed Management Plan


This document is the foundational guide for all District activities. Per Minnesota Statutes 103D.405, the Watershed Management Plan must be updated at least once every 10 years. The CRWD's plan was last updated in 2010.


CRWD Rules and Regulations


This document complements the Watershed Management Plan, providing guidance for both the Board of Managers, staff, and citizens as to how the District operates. The CRWD Rules and Regulations are established and maintained at the discretion of the Board of Managers, following Minnesota Statutes 103D.341.

1999 version of the CRWD's Rules & Regulations: CRWD Rules & Regulations


CRWD Policy Book


TThe CRWD's policy book serves to compile all policies of the Clearwater River Watershed District Board of Managers, including its by-laws