CRWD Awarded Grant From MN BWSR as part of Clean Water Legacy - Dec. 15th, 2011

The Clearwater River Watershed District is excited to announce that they have received a grant totalling $738,750 from the Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources as part of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment voters passed in 2008. The grant award will be used to continue the work the District began last year in partnership with the City of Kimball, Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Department of Health, and Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources to control stormwater runoff from the City of Kimball.


The first phase of this project, begun in early 2010 and recently completed, focused on the construction of a stormwater retention and reuse basin next to hockey rink in the City of Kimball's Willow Creek park. Willow Creek (a designated trout stream) is tributary to Lake Betsy on the Clearwater River. This phase of the project captures the stormwater runoff from the 1.5 inch rain event over a 428 acre area in and around the City of Kimball. By capturing this runoff, which is of a warm temperature and laden with nutrients and chemicals detrimental to the health of nearby Willow Creek, the stormwater is allowed time to infiltrate through the ground, thereby cleaning and cooling the water before it recharges Willow Creek via groundwater interaction.

The project also provides the City of Kimball with the ability to pump the collected stormwater to the nearby city ball field to be used for irrigation. This saves the City money, as currently the ball field is irrigated with treated drinking water. The Minnesota Department of Health was involved in the process to ensure that no possible contamination of drinking water sources would occur with the construction of this project.


The second phase of this project will focus on the installation of more infiltration basins on the west side of the City of Kimball for stormwater treatment of another 108 acres while increasing the effectiveness of phase I by allowing it to treat a higher volume from a smaller drainage area. The second phase will be done concurrently and in cooperation with the City of Kimball while they upgrade their street design using green street principles where possible. The Clearwater River Watershed District will again seek to partner with County and State agencies, as well as local civic groups, to complete this work.


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