Kingston Wetland Feasibility Study and Restoration Project Construction has Begun

Annandale, Minn. ― If you've been on State Highway 15 south of Kimball in the past couple of weeks, you've probably noticed some changes at the Clearwater River crossing.

Construction has been underway for the past couple of weeks on the Clearwater River Watershed District's (CRWD) Kingston Wetland Feasibility Study and Restoration Project. The project is funded in part by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency through a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Section 319 Nonpoint Source Management Fund. The local funding for this project is being provided by the CRWD through the Clearwater River Chain of Lakes Restoration Project.

The project's focus is on achieving gains towards correcting the dissolved oxygen impairment (as noted in the District's 2010 Clearwater River Dissolved Oxygen Total Maximum Daily Load Report) below the wetland complex, as well as mitigating the rate of soluble phosphorus export from the wetland complex to downstream waters (see the District's 2009 Clearwater River Bacteria and Nutrients).

Expected results are:

  1. Improved habitat (through better dissolved oxygen concentrations in the river and wetland).
  2. Better water quality downstream.
  3. Maintained treatment capacity of the wetland complex (i.e. settling out sediment and particulate phosphorus in high flows).
  4. Maintained drainage (this section of the Clearwater River is Meeker County Ditch #46).
  5. A system that better matches native conditions.
  6. An improved recreational corridor.

Major construction is slated to be complete the first week of March 2013.

The Clearwater River Watershed District has been working to promote, protect, and preserve the waters of the District since its establishment as a unit of local government on April 9, 1975, by order of the Minnesota Water Resources Board, acting under authority of the Chapter 112, MSA (the Minnesota Watershed Act). Though the original thrust of the CRWD was the improvement of water quality in the Clearwater River Chain of Lakes, its scope has grown into a complete program of water management within its boundaries. To learn more about the CRWD, visit our website at: