Advertisement for Bids

Project: Kingston Wetland Restoration Project

Owner: Clearwater River Watershed District

Class of Work: Excavation, channel reconstruction, stabilization

Project Location: Kingston Township, Meeker County, Minnesota

Pre-Bid Meeting: January 17, 2013, 1:00 PM at Wenck Associates Maple Plain office, this meeting is


Bids Close At: January 25, 2013, 1:00 PM



Sealed Bid Proposals for the furnishing of all labor, materials and all other items necessary to complete the work described herewith, will be received by Wenck Associates, Inc. at its office located at 1800 Pioneer Creek Center, Maple Plain, MN, until 1:00 PM, January 25, 2013, at which time such bids will be opened and read aloud. The work, in accordance with drawings and specifications prepared by Wenck Associates, Inc. consists of the following major items of work:

  • Tree removal, clearing and grubbing
  • Removal of channel obstruction (beaver dam) approximately 500 LF downstream of CSAH 15
  • Creek channel reconstruction which includes excavation and disposal of materials
  • Riffle installation
  • Construction of a diversion berm
  • Demolition of existing concrete channel diversion
  • Construction of a limestone rock filtration berm
  • Erosion control and site stabilization
  • Installation of a fish barrier

Contractors desiring a copy of the bid package, plans, specifications and proposal forms may obtain them from the offices of Wenck Associates, Inc., 1800 Pioneer Creek Center, Maple Plain, MN. There is a required payment of a $65.00 non-refundable fee for each bid package. The bid package is available for examination at the Wenck office, 1800 Pioneer Creek Center, MN and at the Clearwater River Watershed District office at 75 Elm Street, Annandale MN 55302. All communications made prior to bid opening, relative to this project, should be addressed to the ENGINEER Attn: Rebecca Kluckhohn, Project Engineer, or 763-479-4200.


Bid Proposals shall be submitted on forms furnished for that purpose.


Each bid proposal shall be accompanied by a "Bid Security" in the form of a certified or cashier's check made payable to Clearwater River Watershed District ("OWNER") in an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the total bid, or a surety bond in the same amount, running to the OWNER, with a surety company duly authorized to do business in the state of Minnesota, such Bid Security to be a guarantee that the bidder, if awarded a contract, will enter into a contract with Clearwater River Watershed District; and the amount of the certified check will be retained or the bond enforced by the OWNER in case the bidder fails to do so. The OWNER will retain the deposits for the three lowest bidders until the contract has been awarded and executed but not longer than sixty (60) days. No bid may be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days following the bid opening.

A mandatory PRE-BID meeting will be held at the Wenck Maple Plain office at 1:00 PM January 17, 2013. Potential Bidders and sub-contractors are required to attend this meeting.

The bid of the lowest responsible bidder is intended to be accepted on or before the expiration of sixty (60) days after the date of the opening of bids. The OWNER, however, reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to wave any minor irregularities, informalities or discrepancies, and further reserves the right to award the contract in the best interest of Clearwater River Watershed District.