Cedar Lake 300 Foot No-Wake in Effect

May 27th, 2014: Annandale, Minn. – Cedar Lake, located east of Annandale, MN in Wright County, has reached its high water level whereby a 300 feet from shore no-wake zone restriction has been put into effect, following Wright County Water Surface Use Ordinance, section 4, subdivision 1.

For most watercraft, this no-wake restriction means watercraft must operate at the slowest possible speed to navigate, in order to not create any wake behind the craft. This restriction is in effect to protect the shoreline from erosion.

The restriction allows landing or launching skiers directly to or from open water. Wright County Sheriff's is responsible for enforcement. The 300 foot no-wake restriction will be discontinued when the lake level is below the high-water mark for three consecutive days.

For more information on this restriction, please visit http://cedarlakecc.org.