Board of Managers Approve Revised Bylaws

Sept. 12th, 2013: Annandale, Minn. – At their September 11th, 2013 regular meeting the Clearwater River Watershed District Board of Managers approved the revised Bylaws of the Board of Managers.

The Bylaws supplement the CRWD's Rules and Regulations, clarifying the proper conduct and procedure of the managers of the CRWD. The CRWD Bylaws are established and maintained at the discretion of the Board of Managers. Follow the link below to view the Bylaws in their entirety.

CRWD Board of Managers Bylaws

The Clearwater River Watershed District has been working to promote, protect, and preserve the waters of the District since its establishment as a unit of local government on April 9, 1975, by order of the Minnesota Water Resources Board, acting under authority of the Chapter 112, MSA (the Minnesota Watershed Act). Though the original thrust of the CRWD was the improvement of water quality in the Clearwater River Chain of Lakes, its scope has grown into a complete program of water management within its boundaries. To learn more about the CRWD, visit our website at: