Public Service Announcement - Shoreline Damage from flooding in CRWD - Sept. 28th, 2011

Many residents of the Clearwater River Watershed District have experience shoreline damage due to the recent high water levels on our area lakes. The CRWD would like to help you restore your shoreline in a natural way. Soil and Water Conservation Districts work together with us in designing and sometimes cost-sharing shoreline lakescaping and buffers.


These native solutions not only are effective at protecting your shorelines from erosion, but they also add beauty and attract wildlife. And for those who suffer from nusiance geese, native shorelines have the added benefit of discouraging geese from using your shores as rest areas.


The Clearwater River Watershed District provides an incentive of 20% cost-share on your total cost of shoreline restoration, up to $750.00. Your local Soil and Water Conservataion District (SWCD) also has programs available.


Check out examples of Natural Shoreline Lakescaping and Buffers

Please contact the CRWD Office at (320) 274-3935 for more information, or e-mail at:

Other Resources:
Meeker County SWCD at (320) 693-7287
Stearns County SWCD at (320) 251-7800, e-mail at:, or online at
Wright County SWCD at (763) 682-1970, e-mail at:, or online at