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Board of Managers Meeting

Annandale Middle School

July 12, 2000


Regular meeting was called to order at 7:00p.m. by Chairperson Tracy. Manager’s John Tracy, Roland Froyen, Clarence Klein, Richard Eckman and Marvin Brunsell were present. Others in attendance were Norm Wenck, Merle Anderson, Kelly Bergesch, Virl Liebrenz and Ken Jude.


Motion #00-7-1: A motion was made by Klein and seconded by Brunsell to accept a revised agenda that included a presentation by Wright County Commissioner, Ken Jude. All Managers voted aye.


Motion #00-7-2: A motion was made by Froyen and seconded by Eckman to accept the June 14, 2000 regular meeting minutes. All Managers voted aye.


Motion #00-7-3: A motion was made by Brunsell and seconded by Froyen to accept the July 12, 2000 Financial Report and pay bills. All Managers voted aye.


Wright County Commissioner, Ken Jude, requested an explanation of how the original operation and maintenance assessment was determined for Clearwater Lake residents. The explanation given is that assessments for projects are made based on an appraiser’s opinion of benefit for property owners downstream. Thus, the amount of assessment is greatest on Clearwater Lake.


Norm Wenck, Engineer, recommended that the Hidden River Sewer bid be approved at the August meeting. He also mentioned that the Clear Lake Wetland Treatment System appraisal has not been received.


Commissioner Ken Jude left at 8:21p.m.


Norm Wenck, Engineer, reviewed a Master Sanitary Sewer Plan Sequence of Events fact sheet that outlines the steps needed to accomplish a master sanitary sewer plan. Norm indicated that the next step is to begin our public dialogue meetings. The first is scheduled for 7:00p.m. on July 25, 2000 at the Park Pavilion on Oak Avenue in Annandale, Minnesota.


Administrator Anderson commented that the Clearwater Harbor Income Survey is still in progress.


Administrator Anderson has submitted a $5,000 grant proposal to the Audubon Society to be used for Master Sanitary Sewer Plan education of residents.

Motion #00-7-4: A motion was made by Froyen and seconded by Eckman to request $6,800 for water management planning assistance from the Board of Water and Soil Resources. All Managers voted aye.


Manager Froyen explained removal methods of silt and weeds used on other lakes in Minnesota. He also reported on his attendance at the MAWD summer tour and mentioned that a watershed district wide ad valorum tax is used to fund projects and activities in the Detroit Lakes area.


Motion #00-7-5: A motion was made by Froyen and seconded by Eckman to adjourn the meeting. All Managers voted aye.




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