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Meeting Minutes - November 14, 2001





Board of Managers Meeting

Annandale Middle School

November 14, 2001


Regular meeting was called to order at 8:00p.m. by Chairperson Eckman. Manager’s John Tracy, Clarence Klein, Marvin Brunsell, Roland Froyen, and Richard Eckman were present. Others in attendance were Stan Weinberger,  Norm Wenck, Merle Anderson, Kelly Bergesch,  Virl Liebrenz, Rollie Schmidt, Kathy Pool, Dean and Bonnie Hoglund, and Ken Jude.


Chairperson Eckman accepted the agenda as presented.


Motion #01-11-1: A motion was made by Froyen and seconded by Klein to accept the October 10, 2001 Minutes.  All Managers voted aye.


Kathy Pool, farmer from Watkins, presented the Board with bills and cancelled checks that relate to her recent feedlot upgrade. Kathy expressed great appreciation for the financial assistance provided by CRWD.


Kathy Pool left the meeting at 8:30p.m.


Rollie Schmidt, Chain of Lakes Association Chair, presented the Board with the annual carp trap report. It states that gates were lowered May 5, 2001, 11 pulls were made removing 28,000 pounds of carp before the gates were raised on September 8, 2001. Rollie also presented receipts for supplies needed for the carp trap activity.


Motion #01-11-2: A motion was made by Tracy and seconded by Klein to reimburse the Chain of Lakes Association $695 for supplies. Managers Tracy, Klein, Brunsell, and Eckman voted aye. Manager Froyen voted nay.


Motion #01-11-3: A motion was made by Brunsell and seconded by Klein to accept the November 14, 2001 financial report and pay bills.  All Managers voted aye.


Motion #01-11-4: A motion was made by Froyen and seconded by Tracy to authorize Administrator Anderson to seek additional quotes for audit services to be performed for year 2001 financial activity for the CRWD.  All Managers voted aye.


Manager Brunsell and Kelly Bergesch distributed and explained the new accounting system codes to be used starting January 1, 2002.


Kelly Bergesch and Bonnie Hoglund left the meeting at 9:00p.m.


Administrator Anderson reported that Ostmark Lutheran Church chair, Robert Herman has verbally agreed to installing a standpipe near their property. Purpose of the standpipe is to reduce water volume downstream during spring runoff and rainfall events. Merle will also contact Forest Prairie Township and Myrtle Yanish for their permission to be involved in the project. Easements or agreements will be developed by Attorney Stan Weinberger.


Norm Wenck, Engineer, suggested that the Hidden River final financial report be included on the December 12, 2001 agenda.


Virl Liebrenz, resident of Clearwater Harbor, informed the Board that he has contacted the engineering firm of Oliver and Associates. Virl requested $5,000 for a feasibility study to be conducted by Oliver and Associates for a pressurized, central septic tank, and peat filter community sewer system. Virl mentioned that Stearns County has committed $1,500 towards this study.


The consensus of the Board of Mangers is that CRWD would contribute $2,000 towards this feasibility study if the residents of Clearwater Harbor raise the balance of the money needed.


Motion #01-11-5: A motion was made by Tracy and seconded by Froyen to authorize Chairperson Eckman to sign the insurance waiver forms.  All Managers voted aye.


Motion #01-11-6: A motion was made by Tracy and seconded by Froyen to purchase boiler and machinery insurance to cover mechanical components of CRWD sewer systems at a cost of $400 per year.  All Managers voted aye.


Ken Jude left the meeting at 9:25p.m.


Manager Froyen explained a letter to the editor regarding CRWD need public involvement in CRWD’s Master Sanitary Sewer Plan discussions. The Board consented to having the letter published.


Dean Hoglund left the meeting at 10:12p.m.


Motion #01-11-7: A motion was made by Tracy and seconded by Klein to authorize Managers Brunsell and Froyen to be delegates to the upcoming Minnesota Association of Watershed District’s (MAWD) annual meeting. All Managers voted aye.


Administrator Anderson indicated to the Board that he was contacted by Brad Liebbesmeier regarding the three acres of his property that is included in the Clear Lake Wetland Treatment System East. The Board requested Stan Weinberger to correspond with Mr. Liebbesmeier regarding the easement that has been presented to Mr. Liebbesmeier.


Norm Wenck, Engineer, informed the Board that maintenance on the Watkins Wetland has been completed.  


Chairperson Eckman adjourned the meeting.




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