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Informational Meeting - December 18, 2001





DECEMBER 18, 2001



Purpose of the meeting was to discuss Clearwater Harbor sanitary sewer system and CRWD standards, policy and procedures regarding this system.


Those in attendance were Managerís Tracy, Froyen, Klein and Brunsell. Manager Eckman was absent. Others in attendance were: Norm Wenck, Stan Weinberger, Michael Brandt, Virl Liebrenz, Cameron Liebrenz, Betty Thompson, Rick Holman, Don Adams, and Merle Anderson. Leigh Lenzmeier arrived at 7:55p.m.


Vice-Chairperson Tracy called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m. All attendees were introduced.


Virl Liebrenz introduced Michael Brandt, Engineer, Oliver & Associates, who will be developing a feasibility study for the Clearwater Harbor Sanitary Sewer System.


Manager Tracy reviewed the minutes of a previous meeting held regarding this project. 


Service Area: It was agreed upon to conduct a feasibility study on the entire service area as defined by the CRWD Master Sanitary Sewer Plan.


Money: Total expected cost of the feasibility study is $5,000. Clearwater Harbor residents have committed $1,500, Stearns County will contribute $1,500 and CRWD will provide up to $2,000 to pay for this study.


Feasibility Study: Michael Brandt has reviewed the Wenck Feasibility Study developed in 1999. Michael feels this study is very thorough. He would suggest up to four other options to be considered by residents and CRWD. Michael explained that the system he would recommend would have double pumps in each collector tank, a community septic tank and peat filter. The study will explain all facets of the various systems to be considered. Michael indicated that he would have the study completed by our February 2002 regular meeting. The contract between Oliver & Associates and the CRWD would be acted upon at the January 2002 regular meeting.


CRWD Process: Stan Weinberger explained the procedure for petitioning the CRWD for a sanitary sewer project. That procedure includes the feasibility study, appraiserís report, public hearing, petition from Stearns County, final plans and specification, call for bids, and awarding of construction contract.


Permit: Norm Wenck will contact MPCA to determine if the permit for Hidden River Sewer System can be amended to include this project.


Vice-Chairperson Tracy adjourned the meeting.

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