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Special Meeting - January 2, 2002






JANUARY 2, 2002 AT 5:00 PM


A special meeting was called to order at 5:00p.m. by Chairperson Eckman. Managers John Tracy, Roland Froyen, Richard Eckman, Clarence Klein and Marvin Brunsell were present. Merle Anderson, District Administrator  was also in attendance.


A motion was made by Klein and seconded by Brunsell to accept the Minutes of the December 18, 2001 informational meeting. All Managers voted aye.


Master Sanitary Sewer Plan Action Items

The following process was agreed upon:

1.      Norm Wenck, Engineer, is to prepare a listing or map of which service areas and number of housing units within those areas could be added to the Annandale Wastewater Treatment Plant, if it is located north of Wiegand Lake. Mr. Wenck should also prepare a listing or map of service areas that could be serviced by Kimball or South Haven wastewater treatment plants.

2.      To coordinate with the cities of Annandale, Kimball, and South Haven, by way of official action, a designated service area that could be added to their proposed wastewater treatment plant.

3.      Request an official response from the city of Annandale regarding a cooperative effort of providing sewage treatment services to CRWD service area and other details needed to establish a project.

4.      Seek commitment from Stearns and Wright counties Board of Commissioners to support a sanitary sewer project.

5.      Request Norm Wenck, Engineer to develop an engineer’s report for service area, to be included in municipal sewage treatment plants.

6.      Conduct a public hearing to establish a sanitary sewer project.


A meeting date of February 6, 2002 has been set to explain the action items of the Master Sanitary Sewer Plan and to establish an advisory committee. Details regarding time, location and invited guests will be developed by Manager Froyen and Administrator Anderson.


Clearwater Harbor Sanitary Sewer Project

Administrator Anderson indicated that Norm Wenck, Engineer has contacted MPCA (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency).  MPCA representatives indicated that an amendment to the Hidden River sanitary sewer permit can be done. Based on workload, it may take 180 days to receive a permit. O&M costs may be reduced in the future by having both systems under one permit. The Board questioned how this system could fit into the Annandale sanitary sewer plan should a new plant be built north of Wiegand Lake.


Watershed Management Plan

Administrator Anderson reported that work continues on the watershed management plan with a completion date of late 2002. An advisory committee will be established to assist in the development of this plan.


A motion was made by Tracy and seconded by Klein to purchase a $25 membership in the Annandale Chamber of Commerce and pay $85 for booth space at their upcoming expo. All managers voted aye.


Clear Lake Erosion Project

Administrator Anderson reported that he will be seeking quotes for the Clear Lake Erosion Project as soon as all easements and agreements have been signed and returned.


A motion was made by Tracy and seconded by Froyen to enter into a rental agreement with Steve Vossen for the crop season 2002, using the same terms as for the 2001 rental agreement. All managers voted aye.


The meeting was adjourned by Chairperson Eckman.


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