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Work Session - August 28, 2002





Work Session

Stanley's Restaurant, Kimball

August 28, 2002


CRWD Work Session was called to order at 6:00p.m. by Vice-Chairperson John Tracy. Managers’ John Tracy, Clarence Klein, Marvin Brunsell and Roland Froyen were present. Others in attendance were Merle Anderson, Virl Liebrenz, Jon Roeder, Robert J. Danaher, Fred and Lajla Hood. 

Robert J. Danaher expressed his concern over the high water in Clearwater Lake. He asked that the CRWD request the DNR to allow CRWD to control the water level at Grass Lake Dam during extreme conditions. Manager Tracy will contact the DNR about this matter. 

Robert J. Danaher left the meeting at 6:20p.m. 

Fred and Lajla Hood explained a zoning change that is being proposed on property that adjoins their property in Southside Township, Wright County. The zoning change to ag-residential would allow 23 homes to be built on 152 acres at a rate of six lots per 40 acres. They asked the CRWD Managers to express their feelings about this zoning change at a zoning meeting to be held in Wright County on August 29, 2002. 

Motion #WS02-08-01:  A motion was made by Brunsell, seconded by Froyen to authorize Administrator Anderson to attend the August 29, 2002 Wright County Zoning Meeting to express CRWD concern regarding unsewered developments. All Managers voted aye. 

Fred and Lajla Hood left the meeting at 6:45p.m. 

Administrator Anderson presented the Board of Managers with the Standard Form of Agreement between owner and engineer for professional services. Wenck and Associates, Inc. submitted this form to meet the requirements for USDA funding for Clearwater Harbor Sewer Project. The Board of Managers took no action on this form and will seek answers to Exhibit G, Sections 6.05 and 6.11 and an explanation of the engineering fees at their next regularly scheduled meeting. 

Vice-Chairperson Tracy asked all in attendance to ask questions that they have regarding the Clearwater Harbor Sewer Project Engineer’s Report. The following comments were made and questions asked:

            1.            Option #5 is supported by many residents in Clearwater Harbor.

            2.            What difference is there in O&M for aeration vs. sand filter treatment?

            3.            Can a more definite annual O&M cost be estimated? What do residents get for their annual O&M payment? Will annual O&M payments cover future repair costs?

            4.            Will garbage disposals be allowed on the new system?

            5.            What will the Stearns County administrative fee be in addition to the 4.75% interest rate for the project?

            6.            Can the paving cost on Beachwood Road be included in the USDA bond?

            7.            If existing septic tanks need to be abandoned, is that included in the project costs?

            8.            Will there be a project leader available for homeowner’s questions before, during and after construction?

            9.            Will USDA/County funding be available in time to pay all bills in a timely fashion? 

Administrator Anderson will relay these questions to Norm Wenck, Engineer and Stan Weinberger, Attorney. When answers to these questions are received, Administrator Anderson will forward the information to the people on the Correspondence List for this project. Virl Liebrenz, Roland Froyen and Merle Anderson will schedule a meeting of Beachwood Road and Bluff View Road residents to answer questions. 

Administrator Anderson presented the Board with the August 23, 2002 Appraiser’s Report, letter from Annandale Properties documenting the Appraiser’s Report, and the Assessment Roll for Clearwater Harbor Sewer Project. 

Motion #WS02-08-02: A motion was made by Brunsell, seconded by Klein to accept the Appraiser’s Report and letter from Annandale Properties. Manager’s Klein, Brunsell and Tracy voted aye. Manager Froyen abstained. The motion carried. 

A motion was made by Brunsell to develop a payment schedule for future hookup to the Clearwater Harbor Sewer System. This motion failed for lack of a second. 

Motion #WS02-08-03: A motion was made by Klein, seconded by Brunsell, to adopt the Assessment Roll for Clearwater Harbor Sewer System as presented. Manager’s Klein, Brunsell and Tracy voted aye. Manager Froyen abstained. The motion carried. 

Motion #WS02-08-04: A motion was made by Froyen, seconded by Brunsell, to accept the Notice of Public Hearing on Improvements and the Notice of Hearing on the Clearwater Harbor Sewage Treatment Project and authorize Vice-Chairperson Tracy’s signature. All Managers voted aye. 

Administrator Anderson will review the format for the Clearwater Harbor Sewer Project Public Hearing with Attorney Stan Weinberger. He will provide that information to the Board of Managers. 

Jon Roeder left the meeting at 9:00a.m. 

Agenda Item #2, reviewing the counties of Wright and Stearns high priority sewer needs areas will be included in next month’s agenda. 

Administrator Anderson reviewed the buffer incentive contracts for Donnay Brother’s Partnership and Donald Rose. These items will be included in the September 11, 2002 Financial Report. 

Administrator Anderson distributed Manager’s Project Workbooks. 

Motion #WS02-08-05: A motion was made by Froyen, seconded by Brunsell, to request a proposal from Wenck and Associates, Inc. to develop a project outline and cost of a stormwater study in Annandale and surrounding area. All Managers voted aye. 

Vice-Chairperson Tracy adjourned the meeting.



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