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Work Session - September 25, 2002





Work Session

Stanley's Restaurant, Kimball

September 25, 2002


CRWD Work Session was called to order at 6:00p.m. by Chairperson John Tracy. Managersí John Tracy, Clarence Klein, Marvin Brunsell, Virl Liebrenz, and Roland Froyen were present. Others in attendance were Merle Anderson, Norm Wenck, Stan Weinberger, Jeremy Sivula, Wendy Richter, and Chuck Sterling. Jim Stark arrived later.

 The Oath of Office was administered to Manager Virl Liebrenz.

 Motion #WS02-09-01:  A motion was made by Froyen, seconded by Klein to adopt the Agenda after including several additional items. All Managers voted aye.

 Jeremy Sivula, resident of Clearwater Harbor, indicated he was present to seek information regarding the proposed Clearwater Harbor Sewer System. He prefers a complete takeaway system. Several Managers also indicated that they support the complete takeaway system, meaning that there would be no septic tanks on individual property. Manager Liebrenz suggested that to reduce the cost of the project, we should eliminate the sand filter. It was explained that the sand filter is needed to provide secondary treatment.

 Motion #WS02-09-02: A motion was made by Froyen, seconded by Brunsell to order Option #3, Clearwater Harbor Sewage Treatment Project #02-1 after deleting Bluffview Road properties from the project. All Managerís voted aye.  

Motion #WS02-09-03: A motion was made by Froyen, seconded by Brunsell, to remove from the table Motion #02-09-13 (Regular Meeting September 11, 2002) Findings of Fact regarding the Clearwater Harbor Sanitary Sewer Project. All Managers voted aye.

 Motion #02-09-13 (Regular Meeting September 11, 2002) was put to a vote. All Managers voted aye.

 Motion #WS02-09-04: A motion was made by Froyen, seconded by Liebrenz, to remove from the table Motion #02-09-15 (Regular Meeting September 11, 2002) Extract of Minutes confirming the reports of the engineers and appraisers' and ordering construction of a sanitary sewer in Clearwater Harbor and surrounding area. All Managers voted aye.

 Motion #WS02-09-05: A motion was made by Froyen, seconded by Brunsell, to amend Motion #02-09-15, deleting from the project service to Bluffview Road in the Clearwater Harbor Sewage Treatment Project #02-1 due to cost; however, including paving of Beachwood Road. All Managers voted aye.

 Motion #02-09-15 (Regular Meeting September 11, 2002) as amended, was put to a vote. All Managers voted aye.

 Jeremy Sivula and Wendy Richter left the meeting at 6:45p.m.

 Jim Stark, representing United States Geological Survey, explained nutrient loading of lakes. Mr. Stark indicated that if the Clearwater River Watershed District is interested in learning more about the sediment in lakes of the District, that we should write a letter indicating that to him.

 Motion #WS02-09-06: A motion was made by Froyen, seconded by Brunsell, to have Administrator Anderson develop a letter to Jim Stark indicating our desire to learn more about sediment in the lakes of the District.  All Managers voted aye.

 Administrator Anderson distributed Stearns and Wright Counties information regarding high priority sewer needs around lakes in the watershed. This item will be on our next Work Session Agenda.

 Norm Wenck, Engineer, presented the Annandale Area Stormwater Study Proposal. Manager's Brunsell and Froyen will contact Annandale City Council members regarding this proposal.

 Manager Froyen asked Stan Weinberger to prepare an outline as to how cities and townships could establish a phosphorus turf management ordinance. Stan agreed to have this outline ready for the next regular board meeting.

 Administrator Anderson distributed the TMDL grant proposal that will be submitted to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for funding. The area included in this study is Lake Louisa and the Clearwater River from Clear Lake to Lake Betsy.

 Administrator Anderson and Manager Froyen will be attending the Wright County Zoning Meeting on September 26, 2002. The item of interest is the proposed zoning change on the Johnson Property in Section 29, Southside Township, Wright County.

 Manager Brunsell, Attorney Stan Weinberger, and Administrator Anderson will be meeting with League of Cities representatives and Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts staff on September 27, 2002 to discuss proposed legislative changes regarding the authority of watershed districts to charge for services rendered.

 Administrator Anderson informed the Board of Managers that Wright County Commissioner Ken Jude will be recognized by the National Association of Counties for his outstanding accomplishments. 

 Manager Tracy asked what erosion control measures, in addition to the erosion control blanket on the slope near the Restawhile Shores driveway, have been installed recently on the Stearns County Road #44 reconstruction project. Administrator Anderson indicated that he was not aware of any other measures. The Board of Managers instructed Administrator Anderson to contact Lisa Kraemer of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency regarding the erosion control measures that Wenck Associates, Inc. suggested as necessary to control erosion on the Restawhile Shores Development.

 Chairperson Tracy adjourned the meeting.




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