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Work Session - October 23, 2002







OCTOBER 23, 2002


CRWD Work Session was called to order at 6:00p.m. by Chairperson John Tracy. Managers’ John Tracy, Clarence Klein, Marvin Brunsell, and Virl Liebrenz were present. Roland Froyen was absent. Others in attendance were Merle Anderson and Chuck Sterling. Cameron Liebrenz arrived later.

Administrator Anderson reviewed the Weinberger Memo regarding USDA and Rural Water funding as it relates to Clearwater Harbor Sanitary Sewer Project. He also brought to the attention of the Board a letter from Christopher English, USDA Engineer, Ron Nelson’s letter to residents of Clearwater Harbor, and notice of an appeal to District Court in Stearns County.

Administrator Anderson was instructed to set up a meeting with USDA representatives Jim Merrick and Christopher English to discuss USDA funding for Clearwater Harbor Sanitary Sewer Project.

Administrator Anderson was directed to draft a letter to residents of the Clearwater Harbor Sanitary Sewer Project updating them on progress of the sewer project.

Chuck Sterling left the meeting at 6:35p.m.

Administrator Anderson reviewed with the Board of Managers a memo from Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation Districts that indicated that the SWCD is willing to be the lead in developing a plan and implementing measures to rectify erosion caused by re-grading and lack of erosion control measures during construction of Stearns County Hwy 44.

Manager Brunsell reported that Norm Wenck, Engineer, Kent Torve, Wenck Associates, Inc, Administrator Anderson and he met with members of Annandale City Council and staff and members of the Pleasant Lake Association to discuss the Annandale area stormwater study. The CRWD will share the cost of part of the study, 50/50 with the city of Annandale. Another part of the study will be shared 50/50 with the Pleasant Lake Association. A follow-up meeting with preliminary reports will be scheduled in November.

Motion #WS02-10-01:  A motion was made by Tracy, seconded by Klein to authorize expenditure of funds from the Clearwater Lake/Grass Lake Bog Fund to remove a bog lodged under the bridge on County Road 144. All Managers voted aye.

Cameron Liebrenz, resident of Clearwater Harbor, indicated that he had recently attended a Rural Water Workshop. Cameron encouraged the CRWD to revisit the income survey that was conducted earlier and to continue to seek grants to defray part of the cost of the Clearwater Harbor Sanitary Sewer Project. He also provided information about the Minnesota Trade and Economic Development Small Cities Development Program and the Minnesota Rural Water Association. Cameron asked the Board to contact Lynden Township and Stearns County to see if they can apply for grants on behalf of the Clearwater Harbor Sanitary Sewer Project.

Administrator Anderson reported that the 2003 Minnesota of Watershed Districts Tour, hosted by the Clearwater River Watershed District will be held June 19, 20 and 21, 2003. The Holiday Inn, St. Cloud will be the official meeting location. Manager Brunsell suggested that the theme for this tour be “Clean Water - Clean Lakes, It’s Everybody’s Job.”  Administrator Anderson will develop a draft agenda for the tour and relay that information to Ray Bohn at MAWD.

Stormwater management plans for Kimball and South Haven and a phosphorus fertilizer education program will be included in next month’s Work Session Agenda.

Chairperson Tracy adjourned the meeting.



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