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Work Session - October 22, 2003







October 22, 2003


CRWD Work Session was called to order at 6:00p.m. by Chairperson Roland Froyen. Managers’ Marvin Brunsell, Virl Liebrenz, Roland Froyen, and Bob Schiefelbein were present. Administrator Merle Anderson was also in attendance. Duane Orbeck, Kimball City Council Member, attended the meeting from 6:30p.m. - 6:45p.m.


Chairperson Froyen reviewed with the Board of Managers the  procedure for conducting CRWD meetings. He wants the Work Sessions to be informal and the regular meeting to be formal and include a consent agenda.


MOTION #WS03-10-01: Motion Brunsell, seconded by Liebrenz, to sign insurance liability coverage waiver form and bank signatures cards. All Managers voted aye.


MOTION #WS03-10-02: Motion Liebrenz, seconded by Schiefelbein, to appoint John Sedey as a member of the CRWD Advisory Committee, representing Pleasant Lake. Jim Peterson and Susie Johnson are to serve as alternates. All Managers voted aye.


Chairperson Froyen led discussion regarding whether or not the CRWD Advisory Committee should review the Pleasant Lake Outlet DNR Permit to see if changes should be made and to also consider whether or not someone other than the CRWD Watershed District should regulate the opening and closing of the Pleasant Lake outlet gate. It was determined that no changes would be made at this time.


Managers instructed Administrator Anderson to develop press releases regarding CRWD actions.  Managers may also draft press releases.


Duane Orbeck, Kimball City Council member, expressed his gratitude for Administrator Anderson’s stormwater management presentation at a recent Kimball City Council meeting. He indicated that the city of Kimball is in need of stormwater management and is very interested in working with the CRWD and Maine Prairie Township on this issue. Managers expressed their willingness to work with the city of Kimball, emphasizing that stormwater management plans must be used as part of the development process. The overall goal of stormwater management in newly developed areas is to have the post development runoff not to exceed predevelopment runoff.


Duane Orbeck left the meeting at 6:45p.m.


MOTION #WS03-10-03: Motion Liebrenz, seconded by Brunsell, to authorize CRWD payment of up to  $17,800 for the Kimball Area Stormwater Management Study and up to $18,900 for the Watkins Area Stormwater Management Study. Funding for these two studies will be from  2004 Special Project monies. All Managers voted aye.


MOTION #WS03-10-04: Motion Schiefelbein, seconded by Brunsell, to authorize signature of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Joint Powers Agreement regarding TMDL. All Managers voted aye.


MOTION #WS03-10-05: Motion Brunsell, seconded by Liebrenz, to sign Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts Certificate of Membership, designate Manager’s Roland Froyen and Marvin Brunsell as delegates with Manager Bob Schiefelbein as alternate to the December MAWD Annual Meeting, and authorize Administrator Anderson‘s attendance. All Managers voted aye.


Administrator Anderson reported on the following:

ź         Informed the Board of Managers that payment for CRWD property in Forest Prairie Township by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will be received on October 23, 2003.

ź         An informational meeting, sponsored by CRWD, regarding septics, community systems, and other CRWD information will be held in Corinna Township later this winter.

ź         CRWD has encouraged discussion to be held regarding sewering of the area east of Pleasant Lake prior to reconstruction of Highway 24.


MOTION #WS03-10-06: Motion Brunsell, seconded by Liebrenz to adjourn. All Managers voted aye.




Annandale, Minnesota

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Vice-Chairperson, Virl Liebrenz                          Secretary, Roland Froyen


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