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Work Session - November 26, 2003







November 26, 2003


CRWD Work Session was called to order at 6:00p.m. by Manager Roland Froyen. Managers’ Marvin Brunsell, Virl Liebrenz, Roland Froyen, Bob Schiefelbein, and Mark Kampa were present. Others in attendance were Administrator Merle Anderson, Duane Orbeck, Kimball City Council Member, John Thuleen, resident of Kimball, Kent Torve, Wenck Associates Inc, Tom Bacon, Jerry Truman, Marty Ferguson, and Bill Lovegren, CLPO (Clearwater Lake Property Owners).

Manager Froyen asked all present to introduce themselves.

Manager Froyen requested that CLPO President, Jerry Truman, explain Year 2003 milfoil treatment activities on Clearwater Lake. Jerry explained that CLPO secured quotes for herbicide for Clearwater, Augusta, and Green Lakes. Green Lake reimbursed CLPO for their total purchase. He went on to say that CLPO has two licensed operators and has a pontoon boat and associated application equipment for their use. They are willing to loan their equipment to others. The DNR has recommended that the CLPO milfoil control project be used as a model for others to follow. The DNR cost shares approximately $8,000 towards this project annually. CLPO President Truman explained his concern that the CRWD Board of Managers is critical of the milfoil control project and equipment use.

Tom Bacon expressed concern over the assessment level and questioned why an approximate $40,000 fund balance is maintained for the Clearwater Lake Milfoil Control Project.

Manager Froyen responded by saying that CRWD is not concerned about the project implementation, but is concerned with the lack of communication prior to purchases of supplies and equipment. He emphasized that CRWD must be accountable for all facets of the project funding.

Manager Liebrenz indicated that he needs information so that when asked about the project, he is able to respond with accurate information.


Marty Ferguson extended an invitation to Manager Froyen to attend CLPO meetings.

MOTION #WS03-11-01: Motion Brunsell, seconded by Kampa, to request CLPO and Lake Augusta Association to submit a letter annually to CRWD outlining a proposed budget and plan of activities for each year beginning in 2004. All Managers voted aye.

Other issues regarding the Clearwater Lake Milfoil Control Project include:

ü       CLPO wants opinion from CRWD Attorney as to why CLPO needs to contact CRWD prior to purchases.

ü       CLPO President provided the DNR grant application for funding to CRWD Annandale office for CRWD signature. CRWD staff neglected to get proper signatures until reminded by CLPO.

ü       CLPO may have additional 2003 bills that need to be authorized.

ü       Mark Kampa questioned when Lake Augusta could adjust their milfoil project levy.

ü       CLPO and Lake Augusta Property Owners want a breakdown of all CRWD costs incurred in 2003.

Manager Froyen apologized for the delay in CRWD signature of the grant application and assured CLPO that it won’t happen again. He also said that CRWD will provide the breakdown of CRWD expenses as requested, and will also provide the attorney’s opinion as requested.


Kent Torve, Wenck Associates Inc, reviewed with all present the Kimball area stormwater management issues map and his suggestions for the sub-shed in and around the city of Kimball.

Duane Orbeck, Kimball City Council member, explained that the city of Kimball is developing a two-tier planning commission, is willing with the CRWD and others regarding stormwater management, and appreciates CRWD efforts in this area.

Administrator Anderson encouraged the Board of Managers to consider their inclusion in the two-tier planning commission.

Kent Torve then reviewed the Watkins area stormwater management issues map and suggestions.

Administrator Anderson summed up the review by indicating that this is a first glance at stormwater issues in these areas and requesting feedback from the appropriate entities.

Kent Torve left the meeting at 7:50p.m.

Manager Froyen asked for suggestions for consideration by the CRWD Board of Managers as they consider visioning for the future. The following areas were discussed:

u      Lakes Louisa, Marie, and Millpond sediment removal

u      Bog removal/dredging areas of Clearwater Lake

u      Establishing community sanitary sewer systems where needed on the west end of Clearwater Lake.

Discussion regarding the above included conducting a dredging experiment, determination of where sediment is coming from, arrange a demonstration of the Cartwright Sediment Removal System, and sponsor a presentation by Jay Michaels from NEMO explaining water management to residents and officials in Kimball, Watkins, and surrounding townships.

MOTION #WS03-11-02: Motion Liebrenz, seconded by Kampa, to change the December 2003 Work Session meeting date from December 24, 2003 to December 17, 2003, 6:00p.m. at Stanley‘s Restaurant in Kimball. All Managers voted aye.

Manager Brunsell instructed Administrator Anderson to contact Richard Eckman for his recommendation for a farmer-sportsman Advisory Committee member.

Manager Brunsell asked that the CRWD Board of Managers consider developing a letter of support for Wright County ordinances. He will provide additional information at a later date.

MOTION #WS03-11-03: Motion Schiefelbein, seconded by Kampa to adjourn. All Managers voted aye.




Annandale, Minnesota


Manager, Roland Froyen


Secretary, Bob Schiefelbein



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