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Meeting Minutes - December 10, 2003





Board of Managers Meeting

Annandale Middle School

December 10, 2003  


Regular meeting was called to order at 7:00p.m. by Manager Froyen. Manager’s Marvin Brunsell, Roland Froyen, Virl Liebrenz, Mark Kampa, and Bob Schiefelbein were present. Others in attendance were Merle Anderson, Norm Wenck, Kelly Bergesch, Jerry Carter, Hugh Wagner, Jerry Truman, Dean Flygare, Marty Ferguson, Jerry Finch, and Jeff Hrubes. John Tracy arrived later.

Manager Froyen indicated that the Agenda would stand as printed.


Motion #03-12-1: Liebrenz, seconded by Schiefelbein, made a motion to accept the Consent Agenda. All Managers voted aye.


Motion #03-12-2: Brunsell, seconded by Liebrenz, made a motion to accept the December 10, 2003 financial report and pay bills. All Managers voted aye. 


Motion #03-12-3: Brunsell, seconded by Kampa, made a motion to approve the 2004 Clearwater Lake Property Owners’ Milfoil Treatment Budget. All Managers voted aye.


Manager Kampa will communicate at various times Clearwater Lake Property Owners and Lake Augusta Milfoil Treatment activities to the CRWD Board of Managers.


Motion #03-12-4: Liebrenz, seconded by Brunsell, made a motion to authorize payment of the Larson, Allen, Weishar auditing bill. All Managers voted aye.


 Jeff Hrubes, MPCA, outlined the process of the TMDL plan development. Phase 1 will collate available water quality monitoring and other appropriate information regarding the landscape. Phase 2 will develop a TMDL plan of action to fill in the gaps identified. Phase 3 will be implementation, seeking grant dollars, and other financial requirements needed to implement the plan. Jeff went on to explain that stormwater rules require that in cities the size of Kimball and Watkins, any construction soil disturbance of one acre or greater would require a stormwater management plan. He also will coordinate with the CRWD water quality monitoring needs on the Clearwater River at County Road 75 in Clearwater.


Norm Wenck, Engineer, outlined the next step in each of the Kimball and Watkins’ study areas which is to visit with the Kimball City Council regarding areas to be modeled and to meet with the Watkins City Council to explain the preliminary information developed from the recent site visit in Watkins.


Kelly Bergesch and John Tracy left the meeting at 8:00p.m.


Manager Froyen reviewed the visioning results from the November 26, 2003 Work Session, which included proposing a dredging demonstration, bog sediment removal, and community sanitary sewer needs. He went on to say that he feels there is a connection between the internal nutrient loading and exotic weeds in lakes. Manager Froyen wants direction from the Advisory Committee and the public regarding these matters. He recognizes the need for DNR involvement in the process.


Manager Froyen appointed Bob Schiefelbein, Marty Ferguson, and Virl Liebrenz, with the assistance of the CRWD Advisory Committee, to recommend sediment bog removal projects to the CRWD Board of Managers. Manager Liebrenz will chair that effort.


Norm Wenck, Engineer, explained that at the December 17, 2003 CRWD Work Session, Rebecca Kluckhohn of Wenck Associates Inc, will review information that has been compiled to date as preparation for development of the TMDL plan for impaired water bodies in the CRWD. Others invited to that meeting would include the counties of Stearns, Meeker, and Wright SWCD’s and NRCS staff. Norm also pointed out that Meeker County has applied for an MPCA grant to assist with Individual Sewage Treatment System upgrades. The CRWD provided 2002 fecal water quality monitoring information. He also pointed out that MPCA anticipates issuing a public notice for the Clearwater Harbor Sanitary Sewer System permit on December 19, 2003. A 30-day public input period follows, with the permit being issued at the end of that review.


Administrator Anderson reviewed the Clearwater Harbor Sanitary Sewer System appeal status. Appraisals by both parties are to be completed by January 31, 2004 with an anticipated four-day jury trial beginning March 2, 2004. The January 2004 Regular CRWD Meeting Agenda will contain an item regarding a decision as to whether or not to proceed with bidding of the project and securing easements.


Administrator Anderson encouraged all managers to forward items for the agenda to him by the first of each month. He also mentioned that the most current CRWD audit report is on file for public review at the Annandale Public Library. In the future, Attorney Stan Weinberger will attend CRWD meetings only by request and will provide information and opinions, when requested, to the Administrator to be forwarded to the managers. Periodic visits to Mr. Weinberger’s office by Administrator Anderson and managers will be by prior authorization.


Hugh Wagner, Meeker County Commissioner, encouraged the CRWD to develop a ditch policy prior to a scheduled March 9, 2004 county ditch information meeting. Administrator Anderson suggested that work groups be formed for the various ditch systems and have those groups assist in development of a ditch policy. Commissioner Wagner expressed his appreciation to the CRWD for providing fecal water quality monitoring information for Meeker County to use in their MPCA grant application.


Commissioner Wagner left the meeting at 8:50p.m.


Administrator Anderson asked for input regarding a date to conduct a sanitary sewer informational meeting in Corinna Township. It was agreed to conduct that meeting May 8, 2004, 9-11:30a.m. at the Corinna Township Hall.


Manager’s Brunsell and Froyen, reported on their attendance at the recent Minnesota Association of Watershed District’s Annual Conference. Both indicated that the information they received would be very useful in CRWD efforts. Manager Froyen stated  that the body approved the CRWD resolution regarding development of a statewide buffer strip program that allows harvesting of vegetation.


Motion #03-12-5: Liebrenz, seconded by Schiefelbein, made a motion to authorize Manager Schiefelbein and Administrator Anderson to attend an upcoming drainage management conference in Willmar. All Managers voted aye. 


Manager Froyen asked that Administrator Anderson include in the next Advisory Committee Agenda, an item for recommendation by the committee to the CRWD Managers for locations to conduct sanitary sewer informational meetings.


Motion #03-12-6: Kampa, seconded by Brunsell, made a motion to adjourn the meeting. All Managers voted aye.





Manager, Roland Froyen


Secretary, Bob Schiefelbein

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