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Meeting Minutes - May 12, 2004





Board of Managers Meeting

Annandale Middle School  

May 12, 2004


Regular meeting was called to order at 7:00p.m. by Manager Froyen. Manager’s Roland Froyen, Virl Liebrenz, Mark Kampa, Marvin Brunsell, and Bob Schiefelbein were present. Others in attendance were Merle Anderson, Norm Wenck, Kelly Bergesch, and Jerry Carter.


Motion #04-05-1: Liebrenz, seconded by Brunsell, made a motion to adopt the agenda to include recently received correspondence. All Managers voted aye.


Motion #04-05-2: Schiefelbein, seconded by Liebrenz, made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. All Managers voted aye.


Motion #04-05-3: Brunsell, seconded by Liebrenz, made a motion to accept the May 12, 2004 financial report and pay bills. All Managers voted aye. 


Motion #04-05-4: Brunsell, seconded by Liebrenz, made a motion for Administrator Anderson to develop cost information for preparation of a database of addresses for various areas in the watershed district. All Managers voted aye.


Norm Wenck, Engineer, reported that the first round of sampling for the 2004 Water Quality Monitoring Program has been completed.


Kelly Bergesch left the meeting at 7:42p.m.


Motion #04-05-5: Kampa, seconded by Brunsell, made a motion to include the observations derived from the Albion Township tour in these minutes. All Managers voted aye.


Manager Schiefelbein indicated that he has contacted Meeker County Soil & Water Conservation District and Natural Resource Conservation Service regarding a buffer enhancement effort. Administrator Anderson will seek additional information regarding an enhanced buffer program.


Manager Froyen reviewed the Citizenship Dinner Agenda with the Board of Managers. Time will be allowed for citizen input into various subjects at the dinner.


Administrator Anderson indicated that all arrangements have been made for the May 21, 2004 Clearwater Harbor Area Sewer Information Meeting to be held at 7:00p.m. at the Annandale Middle School, Annandale, Minnesota.


Manager Brunsell reported that he and Administrator Anderson have contacted Stearns County regarding selling of bonds to cover the cost of the proposed Clearwater Harbor Area Sanitary Sewer System.


Norm Wenck, Engineer, reviewed a 2004 Clearwater River Watershed District project inspection report.


Motion #04-05-6: Brunsell, seconded by Liebrenz, made a motion authorizing Wenck and Associates, Inc. to seek quotes for operation and maintenance of projects as outlined in the 2004 Inspection Report. All Managers voted aye.


Norm Wenck, Engineer, reviewed the Annandale Stormwater Management Proposal developed by the city of Annandale. He indicated that the proposed project sites are similar to what was recommended by the CRWD.


Administrator Anderson reviewed the results of the May 8, 2004 Public Information Meeting held at Corinna Township Hall. A summary of the meeting will be posted on the CRWD website.


Manager Kampa reported that he is working with Wright County Soil and Water Conservation District to promote buffers on ag land around Lake Augusta. He has also asked the Department of Natural Resources for maps and other information for the Albion Township area.


Manager Brunsell indicated that the Wright County Water Management Task Force has successfully adopted a “no phosphorus lawn fertilizer” ordinance and are currently working on a construction site erosion control ordinance.


Manager Froyen suggested that the CRWD send comments to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency regarding the Maple Lake/Annandale Wastewater Treatment Facility.


Motion #04-05-7: Brunsell, seconded by Liebrenz, made a motion to authorize Administrator Anderson to draft a letter of support for the Maple Lake/Annandale Wastewater Treatment Facility and send it to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. All Managers voted aye.


Manager Froyen indicated to the Board that recently he was called to a property on Lake Louisa to view a reported sewage overflow. Administrator Anderson will follow up with the appropriate Wright County officials regarding this matter.


Motion #04-05-8: Liebrenz, seconded by Kampa, made a motion to adjourn the meeting. All Managers voted aye.





Annandale, Minnesota


Manager, Roland Froyen


Secretary, Bob Schiefelbein



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