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Clearwater River Watershed District
Work Session
February 22, 2006 - 6:30 pm
Stanley’s Restaurant - Kimball, Minnesota

Manager Brunsell called the CRWD Work Session to order at 6:30pm.

Managers’ Brunsell, Loewen, Kampa, and Schiefelbein were present. Also in attendance were Administrator Anderson, Jerry Risberg, and Dennis Libbesmeier.

Motion #WS06-02-01: Motion Kampa, seconded by Loewen to adopt the Agenda. All Managers voted aye.

Manager Brunsell administered the Oath of Office to Jerry Risberg for the office of manager representing Stearns County. Secretary Mark Kampa signed the Oath.

Administrator Anderson reviewed a draft purchase agreement for property near Watkins. The property is considered for purchase by the Board of Managers to be used later as a site for stormwater quality management.

Administrator Anderson presented a request from Kelly Bergesch for an hourly rate adjustment in her Independent Contractor Agreement. The Board of Managers instructed Administrator Anderson to provide them with

2005 end of year financial reports that indicate total amount paid to Kelly Bergesch. In addition, the Board requested information as to the previous dates of rate changes in this agreement.

Motion #WS-06-02-02: Motion Schiefelbein, seconded by Loewen to forward to Gerry Wipper for his review and approval, all documents pertinent to CRWD acceptance of the community sanitary sewer treatment system in Wandering Ponds Development. All Managers voted aye.

Dennis Libbesmeier, property owner near Watkins, reviewed with the Board of Managers the proposed purchase agreement related to the possible sale of a portion of his property to the CRWD.

Motion #WS-06-02-03: Motion Loewen, seconded by Kampa to authorize purchase agreement for certain property near Watkins, to be developed and signed by Chairman Marvin Brunsell upon acceptance by Mr.

Libbesmeier and the CRWD. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #WS-06-02-04: Motion Kampa, seconded by Loewen to authorize a check in the amount of $1,000 earnest money to be held by Gray, Plant, Mooty until purchase agreement is signed. All Managers voted aye.

The following Manager’s appointment expiration dates were noted (all terms begin or end on August 13 of the appropriate year):

Mark Kampa, 2006

Bob Schiefelbein, 2006

Dennis Loewen, 2007

Marvin Brunsell, 2008

Jerry Risberg, 2008

Manager Schiefelbein noted an upcoming hearing regarding Meeker County Ditch #20 on March 13, 2006 at 9:00am, City of Watkins City Hall.

Manager Kampa informed the Board that the milfoil control permits have been submitted and appear to be in order.

Motion #WS-06-02-05: Motion Risberg, seconded by Brunsell to change the March Work Session date to March 21, 2006, 6:30pm, Stanley’s Restaurant in Kimball, MN and put notice of change in the official newspapers of the District. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #WS-06-02-06: Motion Loewen, seconded by Kampa to adjourn the meeting. All Managers voted aye.





Manager, Marvin Brunsell Secretary, Mark Kampa





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