Clearwater River Watershed District
Board of Managers Meeting
July 12, 2006 - 7:00pm
Annandale Middle School, Annandale, MN

Manager Brunsell called the regular meeting to order at 7:00pm.
Manager's Marvin Brunsell, Bob Schiefelbein, Jerry Risberg, Dennis Loewen, and Mark Kampa were present. Others in attendance were Merle Anderson, Kelly Bergesch, Norm Wenck, Dave Larsen, and Stan Weinberger.

Motion #06-07-1: Schiefelbein, seconded by Loewen, made a motion to adopt the agenda. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #06-07-2: Schiefelbein, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. All Managers voted aye.

David Larsen, resident of Cedar Lake, thanked the CRWD for developing and conducting the CRWD Citizenship Dinner held July 7, 2006. Mr. Larsen noted that over 125 people were in attendance and appreciated the information the CRWD provided regarding water quality and rough fish management in the Cedar Lake drainage area. Mr. Larsen presented the Board of Managers with a petition and a check in the amount of $2,000.
The petition requests CRWD to develop and implement measures designed to reduce the phosphorus loading and carp population in Cedar Lake.

Attorney Stan Weinberger determined that the petition was in order and allows the CRWD jurisdiction to proceed.

Administrator Anderson outlined six possible activities to address the issues outlined in the petition.
1. Fish trap near Cedar Lake
2. Ferric chloride treatment
3. Construct sediment basins in wetlands
4. Install a number of fish barriers
5. Seining of lakes for rough fish
6. Fish barrier and temporary/permanent draw down of Henshaw Lake

Engineer Norm Wenck distributed a draft timeframe for the project. This timeframe will be finalized by the August 2006 CRWD regular meeting.

Attorney Stan Weinberger explained the appraisal process, including options for Manager consideration.

Dave Larsen left the meeting at 8:40pm.

Motion #06-07-3: Loewen, seconded by Kampa, made a motion to receive the Cedar Lake area petition. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #06-07-4: Risberg, seconded by Kampa, made a motion to instruct CRWD Administrator Merle Anderson to determine the number of property owners in the Cedar Lake project area and verify 10% of the signatures contained in the petition. Administrator Anderson to verify signatures numbers 1, 10, and 20 on each page of the petition. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #06-07-5: Schiefelbein, seconded by Loewen, made a motion to pay bills. All Managers voted aye.

Attorney Stan Weinberger explained water management districts and how watershed districts would establish them. It is his opinion that water management districts would not be an option for implementation of a project as a result of the petition that was received and accepted earlier in the meeting.

Attorney Stan Weinberger left the meeting at 8:55pm.

Kelly Bergesch noted that she had recently attended the CTAS training provided by the MN Association of Townships. Kelly explained that she feels that the CRWD is using CTAS properly.

Engineer Norm Wenck and Administrator Anderson distributed information and explained the current status of the Clean Water Legacy Act.

Engineer Norm Wenck indicated that the tour with owners of the potential sediment basin near Cedar Lake has not happened.

Kelly Bergesch left the meeting at 9:15pm.

Motion #06-07-6: Loewen, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to order the Engineer's Report for the Cedar, Albion, Swartout, Henshaw Project. All Managers voted aye.

Administrator Anderson presented the following:
1. Willow Creek stormwater management opportunities 2. Positive resident response to the Citizenship Dinner 3. CRWD Year End Activities Report 4. Wenck Associates Inc. memorandum "Phase II TMDL Update"
5. Wetland Replacement Plan by Canadian Pacific Railroad 6. Hidden River Septic Tank Pumping Reports are in the District Office

Manager's reports were given:
1. Manager Schiefelbein inquired as to the status of the CRWD funding request to the Upper Mississippi Source Water Protection Group.
2. Manager Kampa reported that the riser on the Lake Augusta Erosion Control Project has been fixed.
3. Manager Loewen presented Administrator Anderson with a Minnesota Revenue resource handbook.

Motion #06-07-7: Schiefelbein, seconded by Kampa, made a motion to adjourn the meeting. All Managers voted aye.


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Manager, Marvin Brunsell Secretary, Mark Kampa