Clearwater River Watershed District
Board of Managers Meeting
October 10, 2007 - 7:00pm
Annandale Middle School, Annandale, MN

Manager Brunsell called the regular meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Manager’s Bob Schiefelbein, Mark Kampa, Jerry Risberg, Dennis Loewen, and Marvin Brunsell were present. Others in attendance were Merle Anderson, Kelly Bergesch, Norm Wenck, MPCA Staff Maggie Leach, Rick Miessen, Brian and Jan Tempin, Bill Arns, Jim and Kathy Halek, Jerry Carter, Wright County Commissioner Karla Heeter, and Meeker County Commissioner Wally Strand.

Motion #07-10-1: Risberg, seconded by Kampa, made a motion to adopt the agenda. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #07-10-2: Schiefelbein, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. All Managers voted aye.

Bill Arns, resident of Clearwater Lake, requested a reduction from two units of benefit to one unit of benefit for his assessment for milfoil treatment on Clearwater Lake. The Board of Managers will make a site visit before making a decision.

Bill Arns left at 7:10pm.

Motion #07-10-3: Risberg, seconded by Loewen, made a motion to pay bills. All Managers voted aye. Disbursements

Manager Kampa informed the managers that due to the wet conditions, Watercott Construction will perform maintenance activities on the Lake Augusta Sediment Basin and Riser after the ground is frozen.

Kelly Bergesch left the meeting at 7:30pm.

Administrator Anderson explained the request for financing for cleanout of the Lake Augusta Channel. The Lake Augusta Association and the CRWD have each committed $2,000 to this $20,000 cleanout. The request from the property owners is to have the CRWD finance the cleanout with property owners repaying the District. The property owners on the channel will provide additional information to the CRWD Board of Managers at the October 24, 2007 Work Session meeting. Administrator Anderson provided copies of a letter from Harold Brooks, one of the Lake Augusta Channel property owners.

Brian and Jan Templin, Jim and Kathy Halek, and Rick Miessen left the meeting at 7:50pm.

Maggie Leach, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and Administrator Anderson explained a grant opportunity funded through the Clean Water Legacy Act that provides for Individual Sewage Treatment System inspection. While counties must apply for the grant, the CRWD and the Chain of Lakes Association are seeking support from residents to utilize this grant.

Engineer Norm Wenck explained that the engineering plan for the sediment basin in the Project 06-1 Cedar, Albion, Swartout, Henshaw Lakes Water Quality Improvement is nearly completed and will be submitted to Wright Soil and Water Conservation District for approval.

Engineer Norm Wenck distributed monthly wastewater flow data.

Meeker County Commissioner Wally Strand and Manager Schiefelbein reported that the Meeker County Board has split Meeker County Ditch #20 into two sections. The Meeker County Board also established the CRWD as the ditch authority on the north section.

Motion #07-10-4: Loewen, seconded by Kampa, made a motion to hold a Delinquent Account Public Hearing at 7pm, Wednesday, November 14, 2007, at the Annandale Middle School Board Room, Annandale, Minnesota. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #07-10-5: Loewen, seconded by Kampa, made a motion to notify State Representative Dean Urdahl that the CRWD Board of Managers request that the newly installed culverts through State Highway 24 be closed. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #07-10-6: Kampa, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to request an opinion on CRWD Rules from Attorney Stan Weinberger regarding replacement or installation of culverts in the CRWD. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #07-10-7: Risberg, seconded by Schiefelbein, made a motion to authorize signature of the carp trap maintenance agreement with the Chain of Lakes Association. All Managers voted aye.

Administrator Anderson reviewed the following:

1. Pleasant Lake Association regarding State Highway 24 reconstruction.
2. Notice of 2007 Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts Annual Meeting.
3. Presented trench drain information to the Fairhaven Township Board.
4. Meeting with State Representative Dean Urdahl regarding State Highway 24 reconstruction.
5. Meeting with Henshaw Lake residents who prefer seining of rough fish in Henshaw Lake rather than temporarily lowering the lake water level.
6. Southside Township action to share equally with CRWD the cost of constructing a sediment basin south of 100th Street.
7. Mark Allison rain garden and lakes aping project update.
8. Distributed St. Cloud University Center for Continuing Studies brochure.

Manager Risberg brought up to the Board of Managers a request from Dennis Jussila to reduce his maintenance fee on the Clearwater Harbor Area Sanitary Sewer System to one-half unit of benefit. Administrator Anderson reviewed that the maintenance fee not only covers monthly costs, but also covers part of depreciation and repairs. The Board took no action on Mr. Jussila’s request.

Motion #07-10-8: Risberg made a motion to reduce Dennis Jussila’s maintenance fee for the Clearwater Harbor Area Sanitary Sewer System to one-half unit of benefit. The motion failed for lack of a second.

Maggie Leach, MPCA, reported that the Total Maximum Daily Load Phase III Work Plan has been submitted to the St. Paul MPCA office.

Motion #07-10-9: Kampa, seconded by Loewen, made a motion to adjourn.

All Managers voted aye.


Manager, Marvin Brunsell

Secretary, Mark Kampa