Clearwater River Watershed District
 Work Session - Kimball City Hall
November 26, 2008 - 6:30pm
Kimball, Minnesota

Manager Brunsell called the CRWD Work Session to order at 6:30pm. Managerís Schiefelbein, Brunsell, Kampa, and Froyen were present.  Manager Risberg was absent. Also in attendance were Guy Bobendrier, Ron Graham, Assistant Administrator Dennis Loewen, and Administrator Anderson.  

Motion #WS08-11-1: Motion Kampa, seconded by Froyen to adopt the Agenda. All Managers voted aye.

Administrator Anderson reported that he and Meeker County Commissioner Wally Strand met with the Cory Meierhofer family regarding installation of a v-notch weir on Meeker County Ditch 44 in the wetland on the Meierhofer property. Mr. Meierhofer indicated that he wants $50,000 for a perpetual easement to allow the installation and maintenance of a v-notch weir on his property. Mr. Bobendrier, Mr. Graham, and CRWD Managers will consider whether a $50,000 expenditure for the easement or using that money on other practices to improve the water quality in Clear Lake would be the best use of the funds. The CRWD Managerís instructed Administrator Anderson to request additional information from Engineer Norm Wenck as to benefit and longevity of the weir and other options available. Mr. Bobendrier and Mr. Graham left the meeting at 7:05pm.

Assistant Administrator Loewen reported on the following:
1. Residents of Wandering Ponds Development are satisfied with the wastewater treatment system assessment and utility billing process.
2. The 2009 milfoil assessment process has been completed.
3. Delinquent utility accounts have been submitted to Stearns County.
4. Roger Stradal, DNR Hydrologist, will visit the Lake Augusta Control Project structure prior to making any more comments regarding its condition.
5. Draft utility billing late notice.

Motion #WS-08-11-2: Motion Froyen, seconded by Schiefelbein to pay bills.  All Managers voted aye.

Motion #WS-08-11-3: Motion Froyen, seconded by Schiefelbein to cancel the December 2008 CRWD Work Session and to publish notice. All Managers voted aye.

Manager Froyen announced that the wastewater treatment discussion with Corinna Township Board would take place at 8:00pm, January 20, 2009, at the Corinna Township Hall. Administrator Anderson was instructed to develop talking points to be presented to the Corinna Township Board prior to the meeting.

Manager Kampa indicated that one of the pumps in Lift Station #3 on the Clearwater Harbor Area Sanitary Sewer System recently became jammed with small rocks.

Motion #WS-08-11-4: Motion Schiefelbein, seconded by Froyen to hire a contractor with adequate equipment to pump all three sumps on the lift stations in the Clearwater Harbor Area Sanitary Sewer System. All Managers voted aye.

Manager Kampa has completed installation of emergency signs at all wastewater treatment systems in the District.

Administrator Anderson and Assistant Administrator Loewen will finalize an article to be used in lake association newsletters.

Administrator Anderson informed the Managerís that the fish barrier along Wright County Highway 6, at the inlet of Swartout Lake was installed today.

Motion #WS-08-11-05: Motion Kampa, seconded by Schiefelbein to adjourn the meeting. All Managers voted aye.


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Manager, Marvin Brunsell                                                Secretary, Mark Kampa