Clearwater River Watershed District
Board of Managers Meeting
April 14, 2010 - 7:00PM
Annandale Middle School, Annandale, MN

Manager Brunsell called the regular meeting to order at 7:00pm. Managerís Bob Schiefelbein, Mark Kampa, Jerry Risberg, Roland Froyen, and Marvin Brunsell were present. Others in attendance were Wright County Commissioner Rose Thelen, Meeker County Commissioner Wally Strand, Kit and Sheryl Miller, MPCA Staff Maggie Leach, BWSR Staff Jason Weinerman, Engineer Norm Wenck, Administrator Merle Anderson, and Assistant Administrator Dennis Loewen.  

Motion #10-04-1: Risberg, seconded by Schiefelbein, made a motion to adopt the Agenda. All Managers voted aye.  

Motion #10-04-2: Kampa, seconded by Froyen, made a motion to adopt the Consent Agenda. All Managers voted aye.  

Kit and Sheryl Miller inquired of the CRWD Board of Managers if they could rent a small portion of the CRWD property on the east edge of the city of Watkins. CRWD staff will contact the present renter to determine his plans. Further discussion will be held at the CRWD Work Session on April 28th.  

Kit and Sheryl Miller left the meeting at 7:13pm.  

Motion #10-04-3: Kampa, seconded by Schiefelbein, made a motion to pay bills. All Managers voted aye.  - Disbursements

Engineer Wenck expressed the need for riprap repair at Segner Ponds Fish Barrier.  

Motion #10-04-4: Schiefelbein, seconded by Kampa, made a motion to place up to $3,000 worth of riprap at the Segner Ponds Fish Barrier. All Managers voted aye.  

Motion #10-04-5: Froyen, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to adjust Cedar, Albion, Swartout, Henshaw Project 06-1 Maintenance Assessment Roll and refund overcharge to property owner. All Managers voted aye.  

Engineer Wenck reviewed a grant application submitted to the Minnesota Conservation Corps for stabilization of certain areas of the Clearwater River.  

Administrator Anderson indicated that he would be sending Cory Meierhofer a copy of the option and easement that covers the area impacted by proposed v-notch weir.  

Assistant Administrator Loewen reported:
1. Extensive winter fish kill on Swartout Lake. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will conduct test netting of Swartout Lake to determine remaining fish.
2. Bogs have been removed at the Clearwater Bridge.
3. Lake Augusta will give notice to the CRWD regarding the 2011 milfoil assessment needs.
4. Bill Hennen/Kevin Kloeppner transition for wastewater treatment system management is going well.
5. CRWD Wastewater Task Force will report to the managers at the June 2010 Work Session.
6. Twenty-four locks will be ordered for CRWD property.  

Administrator Anderson reviewed the CRWD Watershed Management Plan Revision.  

Administrator Anderson indicated that the Tim Vergin bid for waterway construction is much lower than the engineerís estimate.  

Motion #10-04-6: Schiefelbein, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to change the amount of financial commitment from the CRWD for the Tim Vergin waterway construction to be total amount of construction costs less Conservation Reserve Program incentive. All Managers voted aye.  

Administrator Anderson distributed a Fact Sheet developed for promotion of the CRWD and its programs. This Fact Sheet will be expanded and developed into a handout.  

Motion #10-04-7: Brunsell made a motion to contact the city of Clearwater, Stearns and Wright Counties to determine interest in installing a curtain at the Clearwater Dam to prevent flying carp from entering upstream Clearwater River. The motion died for lack of a second.  

Manager Kampa reported that bogs on Lake Augusta, at the Timberlodge have been removed.  

Manager Risberg reported that he has observed bogs floating downstream.  

Maggie Leach, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency staff, indicated that the Five Lakes Total Maximum Daily Load final draft, when completed, would be put on public notice.  

Jason Weinerman, Board of Water and Soil Resources staff, informed the managers that the next round of Clean Water funding would be in October 2010.  

The CRWD will apply for Clean Water funding for the entire Watkins stormwater pond area.  

Engineer Wenck distributed information regarding blind intakes that could be used on the Scotty Wylie erosion control practice.  

Motion #10-04-8: Schiefelbein, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to commit an additional $5,000, making a total of $15,000 commitment to the Scotty Wylie erosion control practice.  Managers Brunsell, Kampa, Risberg, and Schiefelbein voted aye. Manager Froyen voted nay. The motion passed.  

Motion #10-04-9: Schiefelbein, seconded by Kampa made a motion to adjourn. All Managers voted aye.  



Board Chairman, Marvin Brunsell                                                     

Secretary, Mark Kampa