Clearwater River Watershed District
Board of Managers Meeting
May 12, 2010 - 7:00PM
Annandale Middle School, Annandale, MN

Manager Brunsell called the regular meeting to order at 7:00pm. Managerís Bob Schiefelbein, Mark Kampa, Jerry Risberg, and Marvin Brunsell were present. Manager Froyen was absent. Others in attendance were Meeker County Commissioner Wally Strand, Dave Wagner, Tom Bacon, Orv Jonsrud, Engineer Norm Wenck, Administrator Merle Anderson, and Assistant Administrator Dennis Loewen. 

Motion #10-05-1: Kampa, seconded by Schiefelbein, made a motion to adopt the Agenda. All Managers voted aye

Motion #10-05-2: Kampa, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to adopt the Consent Agenda. All Managers voted aye

Cedar Lake Conservation Club representatives Dave Wagner and Orv Jonsrud informed the managers that the treatment of Curly Leaf Pondweed was performed on Cedar Lake, May 6th by professional lake management. A vegetation map completed in 2010 shows that the areas of Curly Leaf Pondweed in Cedar Lake has grown from 15-20 acres in 2006 to 63 acres currently. Dave and Orv presented a treatment cost projection for Curly Leaf Pondweed in Cedar Lake and will contact the CRWD Board of Managers when the number of acres to be treated in 2011 has been determined. 

Dave Wagner asked if public input would be received by the District for the impaired waters implementation plan for Swartout, Albion, and Henshaw Lakes. Response by the CRWD Managers was affirmative. 

Tom Bacon, Clearwater Lake Property Owners Association, presented their bill for 2010 Eurasian Milfoil treatment costs on Clearwater Lake. 

Tom Bacon and CRWD Manager Kampa reviewed their meeting with State Representative Kent Ekens. They discussed restoring grant funds for the use of Navigate in the treatment of Eurasian Milfoil in public waters. 

Tom Bacon, Dave Wagner, and Orv Jonsrud left the meeting at 7:53pm. 

Motion #10-05-3: Schiefelbein, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to pay bills. All Managers voted aye. - Disbursements

Engineer Wenck reviewed the following:
1. A draft of the CRWD Watershed Management Plan will be available for review by managers at the June 2010 CRWD regular meeting.
2. Conservation Corps Minnesota stream bank restoration effort.
3. Kimball/Willow Creek Stormwater Management Plan design will be completed in June 2010.
4. Total Maximum Daily Load implementation plan will include grant application opportunities. 

Motion #10-05-4: Kampa, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to apply for 319 Grant Funds for Kingston Wetland changes, fertilizer application technology, and Watkins Wetland impoundment. All Managers voted aye

Administrator Anderson indicated that he has not received a response from Cory Meierhofer regarding easement adjustments. 

Engineer Wenck presented the 2010 Project Inspection Report, which is on file in the CRWD office. 

Motion #10-05-5: Schiefelbein, seconded by Kampa, made a motion to approve staff completing minor maintenance and for Wenck Associates, Inc. to get quotes from contractors regarding the maintenance as indicated in the 2010 CRWD Project Inspection Report. All Managers voted aye

Assistant Administrator Loewen reported that:
1. No carp were netted in Swartout Lake; however, bullheads were on April 21, 2010.
2. CRWD cannot cover costs for laminating or printing for lake associations.
3. Cedar Lake Conservation Club meeting on Saturday, May 29, 2010. Managers are encouraged to attend.
4. Cedar Lake Lakescaping Open House on July 17, 2010.
5. Vergin waterway work near Bridgewater Road has begun. 

Administrator Anderson provided information from the Session Weekly  that related to Public Facilities Authority expanded grant opportunities and legislation that supported high tech fertilizer application equipment and methods. Engineer Wenck and Assistant Administrator Loewen will follow-up on these two subjects. 

Manager Kampa has Department of Natural Resources permission to demonstrate his mud lift on the Lake Augusta West Channel. 

Meeker County Commissioner Strand explained the Sauk River Watershed District Annual Report and Newsletter. He also indicated that the North Fork of the Crow River Watershed District will hire their new administrator soon. 

Motion #10-05-6: Schiefelbein, seconded by Kampa made a motion to adjourn. All Managers voted aye.  



Board Chairman, Marvin Brunsell                                                    

Secretary, Mark Kampa