Clearwater River Watershed District
Kimball City Hall – Kimball, Minnesota
July 27, 2011 – 7:00PM

Manager Brunsell called the CRWD Work Session to order at 7:00pm. Manager’s Brunsell, Risberg, Kampa, and Schiefelbein were present. Manager Froyen was absent. Also in attendance were Larry Risberg, Cole Loewen, and Assistant Administrator Loewen.

Motion #WS11-07-1: Motion Kampa, seconded by Risberg, to adopt the Agenda after adding the CRWD 2012 Proposed Budget. All Managers voted aye.

Assistant Administrator Loewen informed the managers that the CRWD attorney feels the Elk River Watershed Association Contract protects the CRWD’s interests while providing clear intentions on work to be performed by the CRWD and provides reimbursements for services.

Motion #WS11-07-2: Motion Risberg, seconded by Kampa, to authorize signing of the Elk River Watershed Association Contract. All Managers voted aye.

Assistant Administrator Loewen distributed a Summary of Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Opportunities. This Wenck Associates, Inc. Memo, dated July 26, 2011 lists potential projects for implementation of water quality improvement initiatives in the CRWD. These potential projects are eligible for Clean Water Legacy grants.

Motion #WS11-07-3: Motion Schiefelbein, seconded by Risberg, to pay bills. All Managers voted aye.

Assistant Administrator Loewen presented the following:

  1. Status of weed control on project sites.
  2. Distributed Watershed Survey Memo, dated July 27, 2011.
  3. Aerial photos of surface water in the CRWD.
  4. City of Kimball fencing of stormwater pond.
  5. Bog complaints.
  6. Flooded septic systems.
  7. Proposed Wright County temporary no wake ordinance.
  8. Meeting with Sauk River Watershed District regarding joint grant opportunities.

Assistant Administrator Loewen distributed the CRWD Proposed 2012 Budget that will discussed at a future meeting.

Manager Kampa indicated, with delight, that the rate of water lowering on Lake Augusta.

Manager Schiefelbein requested information comparing the costs of operating the fish trip versus in-lake seining.

Motion #WS11-07-4: Motion Kampa, seconded by Risberg, to adjourn the meeting. All Managers voted aye.


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Board Chairman, Marvin Brunsell Secretary, Mark Kampa