Clearwater River Watershed District
Board of Managers Meeting
July 25, 2012 - 7:00PM
Kimball City Hall, Kimball, MN

Chair Schiefelbein called the CRWD Work Session to order at 7:00pm. Manager's Mark Kampa, Jerry Risberg, Ben Drewes, and Bob Schiefelbein were present. Also in attendance were CRWD Advisory Committee Members Orv Jonsrud, Jeff Golden, Ron Graham, and Dean Flygare; Forest Prairie Township Officers Ed Kuechle, Jeff Pauly, and Vic Gieslinger; Clear Lake resident Guy Bobendrier; Cole Loewen, Assistant Administrator Dennis Loewen, and Administrator Merle Anderson.

Motion #WS12-7-1: Motion Risberg, seconded by Drewes, to adopt the Agenda including a Presentation by Forest Prairie Township Officers. All Managers voted aye.

Vic Gieslinger, Forest Prairie Township indicated that the township is developing plans to re-grade a portion of 650th Avenue and 355th Street. Township officials requested that the CRWD assist them in the re-grading plan. When more details are known, a specific request of the CRWD will be made.

At 7:15pm Ed Kuechle, Vic Gieslinger, Guy Bobendrier, and Jeff Pauly left the meeting.

Ron Graham, spokesperson for the CRWD Advisory Committee presented a 16-point objective as a guideline for the CRWD Advisory Committee to follow. Ron indicated that the Committee will meet four times per year.

Motion #WS12-7-2: Motion Kampa, seconded by Risberg, to endorse the CRWD Advisory Committee 16-point objective guidelines. All Managers voted aye.

At 8:00pm Jeff Golden, Ron Graham, and Dean Flygare left the meeting.

Assistant Administrator Loewen and Cole Loewen reviewed the Draft 2013 CRWD Budget.

Motion #WS12-7-3: Motion Drewes, seconded by Risberg, to authorize publication of the 2013 CRWD Proposed Budget and establish September 12, 2012 at 7:00pm as a Public Hearing to be held at the Annandale Middle School Board Room. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #WS12-7-4: Motion Kampa, seconded by Risberg, to pay bills with total disbursements of $7,109.02, totaling nine checks. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #WS12-7-5: Motion Kampa, seconded by Drewes, to accept Work Order #CO7/24/12-2 in the amount of $360 from the Elk River Watershed Association. All Managers voted aye.

Assistant Administrator Loewen reported that the Kingston Wetland Upgrade is on schedule and that he and Wes Boll of Wenck Associates, Inc. will meet with Canadian Pacific Railroad representatives soon regarding the Kimball Stormwater Phase II effort.

Administrator Anderson reviewed the summary of Project 06-1 that had been presented to the CRWD by the Cedar Lake Conservation Club. At a later date, the Cedar Lake Conservation Club will contact the CRWD with specific requests regarding water quality improvement in the Project 06-1 area.

Motion #WS12-7-6: Motion Kampa, seconded by Drewes, to adjourn the meeting. All Managers voted aye.


Chair, Bob Schiefelbein

Secretary, Mark Kampa