Clearwater River Watershed District
Board of Managers Meeting
February 27, 2013 - 7:00PM
Kimball City Hall, Kimball, MN

Chair Schiefelbein called the CRWD Work Session to order at 7:00PM. Manager's Mark Kampa, Mary Ellen Wells, and Bob Schiefelbein were present. Manager Jerry Risberg was absent. Also in attendance were Orv Jonsrud, Kathy Jonsrud, Mike Hankee, Jeff Golden, Cole Loewen, Assistant Administrator Dennis Loewen, and Administrator Merle Anderson.

Motion #WS13-02-1: Motion Kampa, seconded by Wells, to adopt the Agenda. All Managers voted aye.

Assistant Administrator Loewen presented CRWD response to questions submitted earlier by Mike Hankee on behalf of the Cedar Lake Conservation Club. Mr. Loewen also presented a work plan and time frame of events leading up to the implementation of water quality improvements in the Cedar Lake Watershed. Kathy Jonsrud requested actual project cost information. The engineers' estimate of cost for the entire Water Quality Improvement Effort is $554,000. Mr. Loewen indicated that the actual project cost will be determined when bids are received.

Mike Hankee requested that he and Bill Arendt receive a progress report as the effort moves along.

Assistant Administrator Loewen reported that the CRWD needs a variance to chemically treat Curly Leaf Pond Weed on Henshaw, Albion and Swartout Lakes. Individual property owners can remove Curly Leaf Pond Weed to create an access for navigation from their property.

Motion #WS13-02-2: Motion Wells, seconded by Kampa, to pay bills totaling $112,429.82 in 25 payments. All Managers voted aye.

Manager Wells requested that the CRWD require additional descriptive detail on claim forms. This requirement will be forwarded to those submitting claims.

Manager Kampa asked if information on aeration systems has been gathered. The response from staff was that information will be available soon.

Mike Hankee and Kathy Jonsrud left the meeting at 7:55PM.

Manager Kampa led a discussion of revisions to the CRWD By-laws. Administrator Anderson will revise the By-laws for Manager review.

Motion #WS13-02-3: Motion Kampa, seconded by Wells, to authorize the 2013 CRWD Water Quality Monitoring Program at a cost of $114,126. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #WS13-02-4: Motion Kampa, seconded by Wells, to authorize the 2013 Wandering Ponds Waste Water Treatment System Services contract by WRM at a cost of $1,600 and provide $552 for flow meters to be installed at each housing unit. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #WS13-02-5: Motion Wells, seconded by Kampa, to join MN Co-Op Purchasing Group after approval from CRWD Attorney Stan Weinberger. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #WS13-02-6: Motion Kampa, seconded by Wells, to authorize Elk River Watershed Association Work Order #CO1/01/13-1 and Work Order #CO2/01/13-1 in the total amount of $800. All Managers voted aye.

The Board will not consider submitting 319 Grant Request at this time.

Jeff Golden, CRWD Advisory Committee, indicated that the Advisory Committee will meet March 19, 2013, and will discuss an educational effort for the CRWD.

Administrator Anderson indicated that the anniversary date for staff contracts is July 2013. With Board permission, staff will work on a budget neutral next step in the transition plan, which will be indicated in future contracts.

Assistant Administrator Loewen indicated that commercial fisherman Ken Seeman did not locate enough rough fish by sonar to justify seining.

Assistant Administrator Loewen distributed information from meetings with Wright County Auditor and Wright County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Motion #WS13-02-7: Motion Kampa, seconded by Wells, to submit $400 to Stearns County for the Restawhile Shores Waste Water Treatment System permit. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #WS13-02-8: Motion Kampa, seconded by Wells, to adjourn the meeting. All Managers voted aye.


Chairman, Bob Schiefelbein

Secretary, Mark Kampa