Clearwater River Watershed District
Board of Managers Meeting
January 8th, 2014 - 7:00PM
Annandale Middle School, Annandale, MN

Chair Schiefelbein called the regular meeting to order at 7:00pm. Managers Jeff Golden, Paul DeGree, Mary Ellen Wells and Bob Schiefelbein were present. Also in attendance were John Gleason, Mike Hankee, Commissioner Chris Husom, Kathy Jonsrud, Orv Jonsrud, Roger Rauschendorfer, Cole Loewen, Engineer Rebecca Kluckhohn, Advisor Merle Anderson, and Administrator Dennis Loewen.

Motion #14-1-1: Wells, seconded by Golden, moved to adopt the agenda with addition of discussion on District legal counsel under new business. All Managers voted aye.

Under presentation, no one was in attendance from the Clearwater Harbor Property Owners Association. The Board took no action in regards to the Clearwater Harbor Sanitary Sewer System.

Motion #14-1-2: DeGree, seconded by Golden, moved to adopt the consent agenda. All Managers voted aye.

The Board reviewed the December 31, 2013 financial report.

Motion #14-1-3: Wells, seconded by DeGree, moved to pay bills of $39,150.88 in 26 payments, not including the $150,000.00 amount that was approved at the December 2013 regular meeting but is recorded on December 31, 2013's financial report, subject to audit. All Managers voted aye.

Cole Loewen indicated that since the District office has yet to receive the December 2013 bank statement from Annandale State Bank, the District cannot close the 2013 bookkeeping year. As such, the financial report for January 8, 2014 was not prepared. All transactions for the month of January 2014 will be report on the February 12, 2014 financial report.

Engineer Kluckhohn presented the engineered plans for the Old Highway 55 component of the Cedar Lake Watershed Protection & Restoration Project. Both plans and specifications are available for review at the District office. Questions were fielded from those in attendance. Next steps for this component include sending the engineered plans to the common interest owners, drafting legal easements, and formalizing the agreement between the District and the common interest owners.

Engineer Kluckhohn also presented on the East Swartout component of the Project. The survey has been completed, and revised concepts/results are being prepared. A meeting will be scheduled with DNR Wildlife to go over the results and discuss next steps for this component.

Administrator Loewen reported that the Kimball Stormwater Phase II project is still on hold pending award of permit from US Army Corps of Engineers.

Mike Hankee and Kathy Jonsrud left the meeting at 7:27pm.

Cole Loewen presented on the proposed amendment to the District Rules & Regulations regarding improper discharges to District-owned sewer systems. Several changes were suggested by the Board of Managers. As such, this item will be taken up again at the Board's January 22, 2014 Work Session.

Engineer Kluckhohn presented on three items:

  1. Kingston Wetland Restoration Project. Based on submitted documentation from New Look Contracting, Project Engineer Kluckhohn agrees with New Look's assertion that they excavated more material than District's construction surveys previously indicated. New Look has also completed punch list items as previously directed. Engineer Kluckhohn will have applicable pay requests for Board of Managers approval at its February 12, 2014 regular meeting.
  2. Review of nomination letter for MN Board of Water & Soil Resources' Targeted Watershed Demonstration Program.
  3. Board of Managers Retreat.

Motion #14-1-4: Wells, seconded by Golden, moved to designate the Annandale Advocate as the official newspaper of the District, and Annandale State Bank, Harvest Bank, and Farmers State Bank, (Annandale, Kimball, and Watkins, MN, respectively), as the official depositories of the District. All Managers voted aye.

John Gleason & Roger Rauschendorfer left the meeting at 8:10pm.

Manager Wells asked for discussion on District Legal Counsel. With the recent retirement of Attorney Stan Weinberger, now is an opportune time to seek proposals from law firms for District legal services. The Board of Managers instructed District staff to develop a request for proposal for the Board's review at its February 12, 2013 regular meeting.

Administrator Loewen and Cole Loewen reviewed the District's Office Staff Report, which included:

  1. Request by Tim Rice regarding erosion control project on agricultural property
  2. Renewal of operating permit at Wandering Pond Sanitary Sewer System
  3. Mississippi River (St. Cloud) Watershed Project Work Orders #C12/01/13-1 & #C01/01/14-1
  4. Approval of 2013 report of outstanding indebtedness from Wright County
  5. Maintenance and recalibration of District-owned water quality monitoring equipment
  6. Kingston Wetland Restoration Project update
  7. Septic Check Monthly Report – Clearwater Harbor & Hidden River
  8. Upcoming discussion on Lake Betsy Hypolimnetic Withdrawal
  9. Attendance at upcoming meetings/events
  10. Future agenda items

During the discussion of the Office Staff Report as listed above, the following motions, comments, and recommendations were made:

Regarding the request by Tim Rice for District funding to offset cost of installation of a series of erosion control practices on property he owns above Kingston Wetland, the Board of Managers instructed District staff to acquire the pollutant reduction estimates for this project from the project sponsor, the Natural Resource Conservation Service in Litchfield, MN. The Board will take up this item at their January 22, 2014 Work Session.

Motion #14-1-5: Golden, seconded by DeGree, moved to renew the Wandering Pond Sanitary Sewer System Operating Permit with Stearns County Environmental Services. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #14-1-6: DeGree, seconded by Wells, moved to approve work orders #C12/06/13-1 & #C01/01/14-1 with the Elk River Watershed Association for the Mississippi River (St. Cloud) Watershed Project. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #14-1-7: Golden, seconded by DeGree, moved to approve signing the 2013 report of outstanding indebtedness from Wright County. All Managers voted aye.

Cole Loewen stated staff will report cost of maintenance & recalibration before sending in equipment.

Motion #14-1-8: Wells, seconded by DeGree, moved to allow District staff to send in District-owned water quality monitoring equipment in need of maintenance & recalibration, contingent on costs of such action not exceeding replacement cost of individual equipment. All Managers voted aye.

During the discussion on future agenda items, the Board of Managers asked staff to make preliminary outlines and summaries of costs for discussion on Board of Managers' plans for work in 2014.

Manager Golden presented on items from the MN Assoc. of Watershed Districts (MAWD) annual meeting:

  1. Suggested changes to MN Statutes 103D (Watershed Law)
  2. MAWD Resolutions: all resolutions passed, with additional resolution of adding watershed district's to the sales tax exemption list in statute. Resolution for WDs to be added to the list of governments allowed to have teleconference meetings was contentious, but passed.
  3. Minnehaha Creek WD's new education tool & new animation technology: Minnehaha Creek's tool probably doesn't apply to CRWD, animation would be a great visual tool for promoting watershed work, but cost remains prohibitive.
  4. Groundwater discussions: discussions at MAWD centered on sustainability, water reuse, and stormwater to irrigation techniques.
  5. Booth on Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program: Booth attenders knew of the District's Targeted Fertilizer Project and should interest in its results.

Discussion was held on ideas for District's education program.

Items noted for the January 22, 2014 work session are:

  1. Tim Rice request for funding for erosion control practice
  2. Proposed amendment to Rules & Regulations, discharges to District-owned sewer systems
  3. Presentation by Engineer Kluckhohn on Targeted Fertilizer & Kingston Wetland
  4. Discussion of District's Education Program

Items noted for the February 12, 2014 regular meeting are:

  1. Kingston Wetland Restoration Project: Pay Request from New Look Contracting
  2. Technical & Cost Specifications for alterations to Lake Augusta Eurasian Watermilfoil Project
  3. 2013 Water Quality Monitoring Report
  4. Proposed 2014 Water Quality Monitoring Program
  5. Request for Proposal for Legal Services
  6. Board of Managers' Plans for 2014

Motion #14-1-9: Wells, seconded by Golden, moved to adjourn at 9:03pm. All Managers voted aye.


Chairman, Bob Schiefelbein

Secretary, Paul DeGree