Clearwater River Watershed District
Board of Managers Work Session
October 22, 2014 - 7:00PM
Kimball City Hall, Kimball, MN

Chair Schiefelbein called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. Managers Jeff Golden, Kathy Jonsrud, Robert Rocheleau, and Robert Schiefelbein were present. Manager Paul DeGree was excused absent. In attendance was Cole Loewen.

Motion #WS14-10-1: Golden/Jonsrud, moved to adopt the agenda. All Managers voted aye.

Public Hearing for Delinquent Utility Accounts
Chair Schiefelbein opened the public hearing.

Cole Loewen reviewed the list of delinquent utility accounts for the Hidden River, Clearwater Harbor, Rest-A-While and Wandering Pond Sewer Systems, which are owned and operated by the District.

Motion #WS14-10-2: Golden/Rocheleau, moved to close the public hearing. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #WS14-10-3: Jonsrud/Golden, moved to certify all delinquent utility accounts to Stearns County for collection as part of 2015 property taxes by November 30, 2014, and for all applicable fees and charges to be included in said certification, with the understanding that any delinquent account that is paid in full by November 30 will not be certified for collection. All Managers voted aye.

Items noted for the August 13, 2014 regular meeting are:

  1. Engineer Kluckhohn's presentation, "Shallow Lakes Management on a Shoestring Budget."
  2. Lake Betsy Internal Load Management Feasibility / Gap Analysis Report
  3. Update on Kimball Stormwater Phase II Project
  4. Update on Kingston Wetland Restoration Project
  5. Review of District Rules & Regulations
  6. Replacement of pump at Clearwater Harbor Sewer System's lift station #3
  7. Update on special assessment prepayment collection
  8. MN Assoc. of Watershed District's Annual Meeting: Delegates
  9. Sherburne SWCD's award of WPLMN grant: sub-contracting to District

Managers' Reports
Manager Jonsrud asked for an update to be provided on the District's application to BWSR's Targeted Watershed Demonstration Program. Managers asked for discussion to be held on adding an open forum item to the regular meeting agenda. Cole Loewen will review the District's bylaws regarding this item. Manager Jonsrud suggested nameplates be created for managers and staff, to be displayed at Board meetings. Cole Loewen will create nameplates for the Board's November regular meeting.

Motion #WS14-10-4: Rocheleau/Jonsrud, moved to adjourn at 7:21pm. All Managers voted aye.


Chairman, Bob Schiefelbein

Secretary, Paul DeGree