Clearwater River Watershed District
Board of Managers Meeting
April 9th, 2014 - 7:00PM
Annandale Middle School, Annandale, MN

Chair Schiefelbein called the regular meeting to order at 7:05pm. Managers Jeff Golden, Paul DeGree, Mary Ellen Wells and Bob Schiefelbein were present. In attendance were Roger Rauschendorfer, Bill Arendt, Engineer Rebecca Kluckhohn, Advisor Merle Anderson and Administrator Dennis Loewen.

Motion #14-4-1: DeGree/Golden, moved to adopt the agenda. All Managers voted aye.

Public Hearing on Amendment to District Rules & Regulations
Chair Schiefelbein opened the public hearing on proposed amendment #3 to the District's Rules & Regulations. Administrator Loewen provided a brief overview on the proposed amendment. No public comments were received.

Motion #14-4-2: Golden/Wells, moved to close the public hearing. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #14-4-3: Golden/DeGree, moved to adopt amendment #3 of the District's Rules & Regulations. All Managers voted aye.

Roger Rauschendorfer, Lake Augusta resident, thanked the Board and District Staff for the help with the Lake August Aquatic Invasive Species Project.

Consent Agenda
Motion #14-4-4: Wells/Golden, moved to adopt the consent agenda. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #14-4-5: Wells/DeGree, moved to spend up to $500 to place the appropriate conduit to protect underground wire from gopher damage at the Clearwater Harbor Sewer System. All Managers voted aye.

April 9, 2014 Financial Report
Motion #14-4-6: Wells/Golden, moved to pay bills of $41,941.06 in 33 payments, subject to audit. All Managers voted aye.

Memo summarizing strategic planning discussion on March 26, 2014
Engineer Kluckhohn led discussion on the Technical Memorandum / Summary of the March 26, 2014 planning meeting.

Annandale Business Expo
Schedule finalized for staffing the District's booth at the Annandale Business Expo on April 12, 2014.

Update: Kimball Stormwater Phase II Project
Administrator Loewen provided an update on the Kimball Stormwater Phase II project. The BWSR wetland banking permit is in progress.

Update: Cedar Lake Watershed Protection & Improvement Project
Administrator Loewen reported on the progress of the Cedar Lake Protection & Improvement Project. The Highway 55 property owners were contacted and have been asked to meet with District staff the week of April 13, 2014. Adjacent property owners around the East Swartout wetland have been contacted about the project.

Bill Arendt left the meeting at 8:17pm.

MN BWSR's Biennial Budget Request (BBR)
Administrator Loewen presented on the District's FY 2016-2017 Biennial Budget Request Worksheet (BBR). The Board directed staff to submit the BBR to the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR).

Office Staff Report
Administrator Loewen reviewed the remainder of the office staff report, which included an update on Heid vs. CRWD.

Administrator Loewen reviewed information presented to the Board as part of the consent agenda. This information regarded bird colonies (Cormorant and Pelican) on area lakes.

Administrator Loewen recommended the Board not renew a Certificate of Deposit coming due on April 15, 2014.

Motion #14-4-7: Wells/DeGree, moved to cash the Certificate of Deposit due April 15, 2014 at Farmers State Bank and deposit the amount in the District's savings or checking accounts. All Managers voted aye.

The April 23, 2014 work session agenda (7:00pm at Kimball City Hall) will focus on conducting interviews of legal firms proposing to be the District's legal counsel.

Advisory Committee assignments are:

  1. No items currently assigned

Items noted for the April 23, 2014 work session are:

  1. Interview Legal Firms

Items noted for the May 14, 2014 regular meeting:

  1. Draft letter to legislators

Administrator Loewen asked for Managers to e-mail their interview questions for the April 23, 2014 work session.

Motion #14-4-8: Golden/DeGree, moved to adjourn at 8:55pm. All Managers voted aye.


Chairman, Bob Schiefelbein

Secretary, Paul DeGree