Clearwater River Watershed District
Board of Managers Work Session
February 25th, 2015 - 6:30PM
City Hall, Kimball, MN

Chair Schiefelbein called the special meeting to order at 6:35pm. Managers Paul DeGree, Jeff Golden, and Robert Schiefelbein were present. Managers Paul DeGree, Jeff Golden, Kathy Jonsrud, Robert Rocheleau and Robert Schiefelbein were present. Also in attendance were: Adam Hjelm, Cole Loewen and Administrator Dennis Loewen.

Motion #SM15-1-1:Golden/Jonsrud, moved to adopt the agenda, with the addition of item 2.5 – Presentation: Sauk River WD – Kingston Wetland Education Proposal. All Managers voted aye.

Presentation: Sauk River Watershed District – Kingston Wetland Education Proposal
Adam Hjelm, Public Outreach Coordinator with the Sauk River WD, presented on the Sauk River Watershed District’s proposal to provide education & outreach services for the Kingston Wetland Restoration Project. Louis Smith entered the meeting at 6:52pm. The Board instructed staff to have this item on its March regular meeting agenda. Adam Hjelm left the meeting at 7:02pm.

The Board moved to item 5: Review of District Rules & Regulations.

Review of District Rules & Regulations
District Attorney Louis Smith reviewed the District's current Rules and Regulations with the Board. The Board instructed Attorney Smith and staff to provide written recommendations on revisions to the rules for the March 25, 2014 strategic planning session. Louis Smith left the meeting at 8:47pm.

MN Pollution Control Agency Grant Application
Cole Loewen reviewed a memo summarizing the grant application for the MN Pollution Control Agency's 2015 Clean Water Partnership Funding.

Motion #SM15-2-2: Jonsrud/DeGree, moved to 1) submit a proposal to the MN Pollution Control Agency for the Clearwater River Restoration & Protection Phase II Project, 2) authorize Administrator Loewen and Cole Loewen to submit the proposal in the appropriate manner and to represent the District in matters related to this proposal that do not require Board action and 3) to acknowledge submittal of the proposal does not obligate the District to accept any award. All Managers voted aye.

Review of Kimball Stormwater Phase II Project Sign Design Proposal
Cole Loewen presented both proposals received for Kimball Stormwater Phase II sign design.

Motion #SM15-2-3: Rocheleau/DeGree, moved to accept the proposal from Wenck Associates Inc. in full, with a cost not to exceed $2,400 without approval from the District. All Managers voted aye.

Under other items, Cole Loewen briefly reviewed the status of the Governor's 50 ft. buffer proposal.

Motion #SM15-2-3: Rocheleau/Golden, moved to adjourn at 9:14pm. All Managers voted aye.


Chairman, Bob Schiefelbein

Secretary, Paul DeGree