Clearwater River Watershed District
Board of Managers Meeting
June 10th, 2015 - 6:30PM
City Hall, Annandale, MN

Chair Schiefelbein called the regular meeting to order at 6:31pm. Managers Paul DeGree, Jeff Golden, Robert Rocheleau, Kathy Jonsrud and Robert Schiefelbein were present. Also in attendance were: Bruce & Robin Bechtold, Jeff Burkhardt, Robert Rowbottom, Wright County Commissioner Chris Husom, Wright County SWCD Supervisor Chris Uecker, Cole Loewen, Engineer Kevin Mattson, Advisor Merle Anderson, Administrator Dennis Loewen. Jim & Anita Vossen entered at 6:40pm.

Motion #15-6-1: Golden/DeGree, moved to adopt the agenda. All Managers voted aye.

Bruce & Robin Bechtold explained the erosion occurring along their property, which is adjacent to the unnamed creek outletting Pleasant Lake. In 2003 the CRWD assisted the Bechtolds with addressing erosion from this creek. The Bechtolds requested additional assistance from the CRWD to correct the new erosion occurring adjacent to the previously-corrected area.

Motion #15-6-2: Rocheleau/Jonsrud, moved to allocate up to $1,500.00 from the Special Projects Account of the CRWD General Fund to provide assistance to the Bechtolds to correct an erosion issue, in the form of riprap and fabric purchase and coordination services. All Managers voted aye.

Bruce & Robin Bechtold left at 6:46pm

Auditor Jeff Burkhardt presented the 2014 CRWD Annual Audit Report. The report is on file in the CRWD office.

Motion #15-6-3: Jonsrud/Rocheleau, moved to accept the 2014 CRWD Audit Report prepared by Burkhardt & Burkhardt, and to indicate an understanding of its contents. All Managers voted aye.

Auditor Jeff Burkhardt reviewed the proposed 3 year contract between the CRWD and Burkhardt & Burkhardt for auditing services.

Motion #15-6-4: Jonsrud/Rocheleau, moved to table the proposed 3 year contract between the CRWD and Burkhardt & Burkhardt to allow time for additional revisions. All Managers voted aye.

Jeff Burkhardt left at 7:19pm.

Consent Agenda
The Board removed and discussed the proposed work on City of Kimball property along Arnolds Implement Yard in Kimball, MN.

Motion #15-6-5: Jonsrud/Rocheleau, moved to approve change order #3 to implement the installation of a sediment collection bay on the City of Kimball property. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #15-6-6: Jonsrud/DeGree, moved to adopt the consent agenda. All Managers voted aye.

June 10, 2015 Financial Report
Cole Loewen presented pay application #2 from Northern Lines Contracting Inc. for work on the Cedar Lake Watershed Protection & Improvement Project (CLWP&I) for approval.

Motion #15-6-7: Golden/Jonsrud, moved to approve pay application #2 from Northern Lines Contracting Inc. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #15-6-8: Jonsrud/Rocheleau, moved to transfer $200,000 from the District's checking account to the District's savings account. All Managers voted aye.

Discussion was held on Clearwater Lake Property Owners (CLPO) not completing all of the proposed Eurasian Watermilfoil treatment on Clearwater Lake, and how to handle the to-be approved check to CLPO for reimbursement of full treatment.

Motion #15-6-9: Jonsrud/Rocheleau, moved to void check #12831 to the CLPO, and to authorize the remittance of a new check by CRWD staff to the CLPO once revised receipts and invoices are submitted to the CRWD by CLPO for actual chemical treatment of Eurasian Watermilfoil. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #15-6-10: Jonsrud/DeGree, moved to pay bills of $98,778.46 in 31 payments, subject to audit. All Managers except Golden voted aye.

Rest-A-While Sewer System: 1) Research of documents related to Rest-A-While Shores development plat recorded at Stearns County Recorder's Office, 2) addressing surface flow into lift station, 3) comparison of lift station components life expectancy in vented/non-vented environments
Cole Loewen reviewed the completed research of documents related to the Rest-A-While (RAW) plat. Cole Loewen also read into the record a letter received from Anne Bray, resident of Rest-A-While Shores. Discussion was held by those in attendance.

Motion #15-6-11: Jonsrud/Rocheleau, moved to call the question. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #15-6-12: DeGree/Jonsrud, moved to have the CRWD attorney review and draft a formal letter regarding "adverse possession" and the enforcement of no trespassing across the District's property known as Outlot A, with the intent of submitting the letter to the owners of adjacent Outlot B in the RAW Plat. All Managers voted aye.

Motion #15-6-13: Rocheleau/Jonsrud, moved to remove eroded sediment from the RAW Sewer System's east sediment basin, and to place riprap along the eroded section of said basin up to the property boundary, and to work with the owner of Outlot B to place any additional riprap as deemed necessary by the CRWD Administrator. All Managers voted aye.

Cole Loewen also reviewed the proposed work to address surface flow entering the RAW lift station, and the potential for venting the same. The Board instructed staff to take no further actions regarding the venting of the lift station.

Motion #15-6-14: Jonsrud/Rocheleau, moved to proceed with the installation of landscape block in the existing drainage & utility easement along the RAW Sewer System's lift station to address surface runoff, at a cost not to exceed $2,000. All Managers voted aye.

Jim & Anita Vossen left at 8:42pm.

Update on East Swartout component of CLWP&I
Cole Loewen reviewed the process to address archaeological concerns at the East Swartout site.

Options for repairs to School Section Lake Outlet Control
Engineer Mattson presented preliminary cost estimates for two options to address the non-operable status of the School Section Lake Outlet Control structure. Robert Rowbottom commented on the outlet control. The Board directed the engineer to develop an additional cost estimate for a simplified standpipe design that can withstand ice pressures, and to contact the MN DNR area hydrologist to have their input of said option.

Robert Rowbottom left at 9:00pm.

Non-permitted discharges to District-owned sewer systems: mandatory compliance checks
This item was held over for the July regular meeting.

Revision to District's Rules & Regulations
This item was held over for the July regular meeting.

City of Annandale Stormwater Improvement Project
The Board instructed staff to develop a statement of agreement between the CRWD and the City for services to be provided by the CRWD for the July regular meeting.

Chris Husom left at 9:10pm.

Approve/Sign statement of agreements with lake associations re: AIS Treatment Policy #2015-1
Administrator Loewen presented statements of agreement for authorization and signature between the CRWD and CLPO, Lake Augusta Association (LAA), and the Chain of Lakes Association (COLA).

Motion #15-6-15: Golden/Jonsrud, moved to accept and authorize the Board chair to sign the statements of agreement for Policy 2015-1 between the CRWD and CLPO, LAA, and COLA, respectively. All Managers voted aye.

New requirements by MPCA regarding bypassing of sand filters at Clearwater Harbor & Hidden River
Administrator Loewen gave an update on new requirements of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) regarding bypassing the sand filters. These new requirements add significant costs. The Board instructed staff to discontinue bypassing at both systems, and to set up a meeting with the MPCA and CRWD staff to discuss this and other matters related to the systems.

2015 Project Inspection Report
Cole Loewen presented the 2015 Project Inspection Report. After discussion, the Board held this over for the July regular meeting.

Review of Wenck Associates Inc. Professional Services Contract
This item was held over for the July regular meeting.

Administrator Loewen – Other Business
Work Order: Sherburne SWCD, Watershed Pollutant Load Monitoring Network (WPLMN)
Cole Loewen presented Work Order #5 from Sherburne SWCD for the WPLMN work the CRWD is conducting as part of this broad effort.

Motion #15-6-16: DeGree/Jonsrud moved to approve Work Oder #5 with Sherburne SWCD with changes so that the total matches the itemization. All Managers voted aye.

Clean Water Partnership (CWP) Application: funding recommended by MPCA
Cole Loewen informed the Board the CRWD's grant agreement is awaiting approval and signature.

Motion #15-6-17: Jonsrud/Rocheleau moved to 1) approve Grant Agreement #93245 between the MPCA and the CRWD, 2) authorize Administrator Loewen as the authorized representative for the grant, and 3) to authorize the administrator to sign the agreement. All Managers voted aye.

Other items
Cole Loewen reviewed the potential new buffer law's requirements for drainage authorities and reminded the Board of the upcoming discussion on the 2016 Budget for the CRWD.

Administrator Loewen reviewed a suggested modification to the Highway 55 Fish Trap and presented a cover letter summarizing his proposed changes to his service contract with the CRWD.

Advisor Anderson – Other Business
Advisor Anderson informed the Board he had no proposed changes to his service contract with the CRWD, and spoke about the location of the City of Watkins' sewer force main in relation to the Watkins Stormwater Project.

Advisory Committee assignments
1) No-wake "flags" notices

Items noted for the July 8, 2015 regular meeting are:

  1. CRWD 2015 Project Inspection Report
  2. Compliance checks for District-owned sewer systems
  3. District's Rules & Regulations
  4. City of Annandale Stormwater Improvement Project
  5. 2016 CRWD Budget Discussion
  6. Options to address seal failures in pumps at lift station
  7. CRWD 2014 Annual Report
  8. Alternative Tile Intake Project
  9. Review of Dennis Loewen & PACMA Independent Contractor Agreements
  10. Review of Wenck Associates Inc. Professional Services Contract

Managers' Reports
Manager Golden informed the Board that he will not seek reappointment when his term expires in August 2015.

Manager Jonsrud informed the Board that the Master Water Stewards program is working on providing additional information regarding the proposal to expand the program to agricultural watersheds.

Motion #15-6-18: Rocheleau/Jonsrud, moved to adjourn at 10:00pm. All Managers voted aye.


Chairman, Bob Schiefelbein

Secretary, Paul DeGree