Clearwater River Channel Stabilization (CCM Riparian) Project

This project began in 2010 and is located in the upper reaches of the Clearwater River near Meeker County Highway 17. The purpose of the project was to provide vegetated slopes and ground cover, as well as stream bank toe and head cutting protection, to targeted sections (private land)of the Clearwater River where the streambanks are eroding. To combat this erosion problem, three different stages of the project are preformed along the target sections.

  1. Trees along the streambank are thinned to allow sunlight to reach the ground. The felled trees and the corresponding brush were reused as slope breaks, toe protection, and grade controls. The brush was formed into bundles and staked in place to act as toe protection along the waters edge.
  2. Willows on-site are harvested and planted into the streambank to create root systems that will anchor the streambank and help prevent erosion.
  3. Deadfalls in the stream are cleared. Logs from these deadfalls are used for slope breaks, toe protection, and grade control.
  4. The project is re-evaluated after a set time to see if more thinning and placing of breaks and bundles, as well as more plantings, are needed.

This project was a grant-funded project with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota (CCM). The District provided materials and guidance, the CCM provides work crews, and landowners agree to allow work to be completed on their property. The project was completed in 2013, and protected ~7,500 lineal feet of river from further erosion.

Contact the District if you are interested on have this type of work done on your property.
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