Water Quality Monitoring Program

The Clearwater River Watershed District has been monitoring quality of the District's water since it's inception. Water quality monitoring is the backbone of the District's water management plans, programs, and projects. The District monitors to establish trends, set goals, determine targeted implementation of programs and projects, and evaluate their effectiveness. Without the monitoring program, the District would not be able to continue its mission.

As part of the Cedar, Albion, Swartout, Henshaw Project #06-1, the District has established a water quality monitoring program specifically designed for this sub-watershed. This program's goals are similar to the large monitoring program listed above, but is focused only on Lakes Cedar, Albion, Swartout, Henshaw, and their surrounding watersheds.

To see the results of the monitoring programs the District operates, check out our Water Quality Monitoring Reports.

Also, the results from the District's monitoring program are sent to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for inclusion in their Environment Database. Check it out at: MPCA EDA.